Naming a baby is among a kind and also one that the initial obstacles of parenthood. It have the right to be equally challenging as well together pleasurable relying on which phase you are at. Our initial phase was researching and listing down names that us liked. This was an adventurous phase and we took pleasure in learning new names, their root words, meaning, and also history. Then comes the decision-making step which was a bit challenging, but an extremely much rewarding.

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We came across some beautiful baby girl names from the Bible and also enjoyed learning about them. Now I’m sharing through you a few names we thought about naming our infant girl and also the surname we actually chose.

AbigailThe surname Abigail has a Hebrew origin and means “fountain or resource of joy”. Abigail to be the mam of Nabal, a Carmelite. Scriptures describes her together “an intelligent and beautiful woman” (1 Samuel 25:3). Through her visibility of mind, she saved her household from David’s men. You have the right to read around the entire story and Abigail’s traits in this find the women in the holy bible series.Abigail is additionally the name of one of David’s two sisters (1 Chronicles 2:16, 17)

ArielleArielle originates indigenous the Hebrew name Ariēl written of two elements: “Arí” (lion) plus “él” (God). The name means “lion of God”. There room multiple events of the name Ariel in the Bible.

In 2 Samuel 23:20 and also 1 Chronicles 11:22, Ariel is taken as a human or thing conquer in a heroic deed by Benaiah, chief of David’s bodyguard. It is no clear that the Hebrew native ariel is a suitable name in this passages. Benaiah may have killed 2 “lionlike men” of Moab or ruined two Moabite altar hearths. Ariel is among the guys sent by Ezra come ask Iddo for Levitical clergymans to companion the Jewish exiles returning to Jerusalem indigenous Babylon (Ezra 8:16).Ariel is likewise a poetic designation because that Jerusalem, provided by the prophet Isaiah in a “woe” oracle warning people to rotate from their wrongdoing (Isaiah 29:1, 2, 7).

The surname Ariel also carries another meaning “victorious under God“. In Ezra, us read just how through fasting and praying, Ezra made reforms and led the remnants come repentance and also eventually come Jerusalem. The publication is one long demonstration of just how to it is in victorious under God.

The hand of our God is upon every those for good who look for Him, yet His power and also His wrath are against every those who forsake Him.

Ezra 8:22

And we made decision Arielle as our infant girl’s name.

AvaAva is a different of the name Eve which has a Hebrew origin and it’s meaning is life or life-giver. Eve was the an initial woman created by God indigenous the rib of she husband Adam (Genesis 2:22; 3:20)Ava is also the name of a city in Assyria (2 emperors 17:24)We liked the surname for its meaning and because that the reality that it is a palindrome.

Cornelia Cornelia is a feminine form of the surname Cornelius. Cornelius is Latin in origin and also it’s definition is “of a horn”. In plot 10 us read around Cornelius the centurion, one of the very first Gentile converts come Christianity.The surname Cornelia means “Strong-willed or wise“. I loved the surname Cornelia after reading about Corrie Ten Boom, the dutch writer, and also watchmaker that helped countless Jews to escape the Nazi Holocaust during people War II through hiding castle in she home.

MoriahMoriah is a location name native the Bible. In Genesis 22:2, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, on one of the hills in the soil of Moriah. In 2 Chronicles 3:1, it is stated that Solomon developed the holy place of God on mount Moriah. Theologists have different perspectives on the relationship in between the “land of Moriah” and also “Mount Moriah”. However, the name has a Hebrew origin an interpretation “chosen by Yahweh”.The name Moriah additionally has another meaning “the mr is my Teacher” or “God teaches“. And we believed that was a deep and meaningful surname for a infant girl.

ReneeThe surname Renee originates native the Latin native “renātus”, an interpretation “revived, renewed, having revived, born again”. It has a spiritual, not literal meaning, that is, to it is in born again with baptism, indigenous water and the divine Spirit.

Since youhave purified her souls in obeying the truththrough the spirit insincerelove that the brethren, love one an additional fervently with a pure heart,having to be born again, no ofcorruptible seeds butincorruptible,through words of God which lives and also abidesforever,

1 Peter 1:22, 23

We finished up selecting Renee together the center name for our daughter.

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RinaRina is acquired from the Hebrew indigenous Rinnah an interpretation “ringing cry of delivery or happiness or praise“. In the Bible, the surname Rinnah shows up as among the boy of Shimon (1 Chronicle 4:20)


We delighted in the experience of selecting our girl’s surname from the Bible. If you space considering choosing a Biblical surname for her daughter, i hope this article helped you and gave you part options. Good luck!

References, W. A., & Beitzel, B. J. (1988). Ariel (Person). In Baker encyclopedia of the holy bible (Vol. 1, p. 168). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker publication House. Photo by Melvin Thambi on Unsplash


Written by Alice William

I enjoy finding out from god’s word, that amazes me, the wisdom and treasures that God and also the way He expose them come me work after job in a extensive manner. In this room I share v you what i’ve learnt v my time through the Word. Ns earnestly think that finding out alone no sufficient yet walking in words is crucial in a believer’s life. As lot as i desire come walk in the word, that not always easy. My expect is to encourage you, my dear friend, in her walk with God with words that He has actually used to combine my very own walk with Him.