Wearing a Kanji T-Shirt is cool. Yet if you know the really information about what girlfriend wear, you can impress everyone. On this page, you have the right to make sure this Kanji shirts is best for you.

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天 The sky and above Kanji Shirt: an easy Info

Japanese Kanji: 天Pronunciation: ten / amaSpelling Variety: ten / amaMeaning: the Sky and Above, Space, HeavenCategory: well-known KanjiImage the this Kanji Word: Magnificent, Unlimited, and also Sacred

So many human being translate the meaning of this kanji 天 “Heaven”, but I think the is a little too lazy translation. Below is the truth.

This Kanji “天” is open to interpretation, in Japan a much more common understanding would it is in “The Sky and also Above” or “The Opposite indigenous of planet “. The sun, the moon and also stars room there. Rain originates from there. It’s somewhere we never have the ability to reach when we stand on the earth.

Nobody can regulate what’s happening increase there. And anything the happens there, impact everybody and everything on earth. Some civilization think the is the god’s power. Other respect the strength of nature.

Here are instances of idioms making use of this character:

天 + 国 (kuni / koku: Country) = 天国 (ten-goku: Heaven)天 + 気(ki: Mood) = 天気 (tenki: Weather)天 + の (no: of) + 川 (kawa: River) = 天の川 (ama-no-gawa: Milky Way)

By the way, the men behind the shirts in the photo above, are Japanese cultural images of Thunder God (left) and Wind God (right). The wind god “風神 (fuujin)” has actually a bag of the unlimited wind and the thunder god “雷神 (raijin)” has drums to do thunder roughly him.

Both that them expect to be in 天.


天 The sky and above Kanji Shirt: Who need to be put on It

The certain image that this kanji usually uses to:

People that Think the an are (or the Sky) Is MagnificentPeople that Respect the strength of NaturePeople Who room into Meteorology or AstronomyPeople Who think that the sky Exists what in the Sky


天 The skies and over Kanji Shirt: instances of Qualification

Of course anyone have the right to wear a Kanji T-shirt. But does this Japanese shirt have actually a special an interpretation for me? must I undertake the Kanji T-Shirt “The Sky and also Above”? right here are some examples of actual human being who would certainly qualify.

a guy Who Respects Magnificent power of Nature or Goda young Who obtained His First Astronomical Telescopea Meteorologist Ladya Girl that is against the translation “Heaven”a male Dreaming around Reaching the Sky and Abovea Boy that is the video game Fana Grandpa who Loves watching Clouds

I expect anybody, who needs the spiritual strength of a “The Sky and Above”, own these Japanese Clothes.

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天 The sky and above Kanji Shirt: Designs


Items and colors vary. Each Japanese Kanji has actually 2 options of text colors, black or White. And also There is also a version through a stclairdrake.net stamp and English message (translation) available.

Black Text
Black message withStamp and English
White Text
White text withStamp and English

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