Each year, 500,000 guys in the us head come the urologist because that what’s generally called the “little snip.”

That snip is a vasectomy, a masculine sterilization procedure the blocks sperm from getting to semen, says the American Urological association (AUA).

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Puneet Masson, MD, director of the masculine Fertility regimen at pen Medicine, stated male sterilization with vasectomies is the 4th most common form of birth regulate in the US.

Although vasectomies space common, knowledge about them isn’t rather as common. Right here are 7 things you can not have known around vasectomies.

They are exceptionally effective

The AUA explained that ~ a vasectomy, friend still develop sperm. However, that is wet up by your body and cannot with the semen, definition you won’t be able to get a woman pregnant.

“Vasectomies are among the ideal forms of birth control,” said Dr. Masson.


After abstinence, vasectomies are taken into consideration the most effective an approach of birth manage due come their long-term success rate of end 99%. In fact, just 1-2 females out that every 1,000 end up pregnant within a year of their partner receiving a vasectomy.

But girlfriend still must be careful

“Theoretically, you could get your companion pregnant right after a vasectomy if there is still sperm upstream of whereby the vasectomy was,” Dr. Masson warned.

Your sperm count will certainly decrease progressively after a vasectomy. “You should have your urologist test a sample of her semen after about 8 main or 20 ejaculations following the vasectomy come make certain it’s complimentary of sperm,” encourage Dr. Masson.

The US nationwide Library of medication (NLM) recommends avoiding pregnancy by utilizing another form of birth regulate until the lack of sperm has been confirmed.

It won"t influence your sex life

Dr. Masson had no hesitations about identifying the biggest myth neighboring vasectomies. “You will not experience any differences in her sexual function or pleasure. You will certainly still be able to have sex and also ejaculate, and also everything will feel the same.”

And that is more than likely a relief to men and women everywhere.

Recovery is easy

Recovery native a vasectomy is quite easy. According to the NLM, most guys return to job-related 2-3 work later, and can resume physical activity in 3-7 days.

Recovery involves a happy pastime: sit in former of the TV. And that could be a factor that there is a noticeable spike in the lot of vasectomies around the Super bowl or march Madness—a trend accordingly deemed “Vas Madness” by plenty of urologists and also ESPN.

“When recovery is sitting on the couch every weekend v the TV on and a bag that frozen peas, it makes sense that numerous men select to carry out it once they will be able to fully enjoy their TV time,” described Dr. Masson.

It’s a brotherhood

If you’re considering a vasectomy yet aren’t quite sure yet, don’t hesitation to talk to guys who have had actually them.

Dr. Masson said, “There is a camaraderie amongst men that have had actually vasectomies, and these guys are really open come talking around it. Peer-to-peer conversation is a an excellent way come realize that vasectomies truly are a good, for sure option.”

It’s the final cut...

“Vasectomies must be thought about permanent,” claimed Dr. Masson, an interpretation it’s no something to gain done ~ above a whim.

“It’s really common because that men and also couples who never want kids or don’t desire any more kids to pick a vasectomy,” states Dr. Masson. “We never judge them, but we will certainly not perform the procedure until we’re hopeful they know that it’s permanent.”

The association of Reproductive Health experts agrees, stating that vasectomies have to never be performed if over there is any kind of chance that you might want to father youngsters in the future.

…Sort of

That being said, there are methods to reverse the procedure. “Life is dynamic. Relationships change, and desires can change with new relationships,” stated Dr. Masson.

During a reversal, the AUA explained, a surgeon reconnects the pathway because that sperm to acquire into the semen, giving you back the ability to get your companion pregnant.

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Dr. Masson said that the performance of a reversal could depend top top the size of time since the vasectomy.

“If the reversal is in ~ 10 years of the vasectomy, the success price is around 60 to 75%. However after 15 years, it can drop to 30%,” Dr. Masson explained.

Effectiveness is also determined by the woman’s fertility, for this reason it’s vital to take into consideration her reproductive health before choosing a vasectomy reversal.

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“Factors such as older age, or medical conditions such together endometriosisor polycystic ovarian syndrome, can reduce a woman’s fertility,” Dr. Masson said. “In those cases, the couple will tho struggle, for this reason a reversal might not be the best option.”

If you’re interested in masculine sterilization or a vasectomy reversal, contact Penn Medicine’s Urology routine to learn an ext about your options.