The ancestors that the an initial family to use the surname Gibbs lived among the Pictish world of old Scotland. The surname Gibbs is acquired from Gibb, which is a pet form of the personal name Gilbert. <1> <2> <3>This name is obtained from the Old English forenames Gislberht and Gislbeorht, which typical bright hostage. <4>

hike of the Gibbs household to Ireland

Some the the Gibbs family moved come Ireland, but this topic is not spanned in this excerpt.Another 50 words (4 currently of text) around their life in Ireland is contained in every our PDF Extended history products and also printed assets wherever possible.

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Gibbs migration come the United claims +

This be suppressive forced numerous Scots to leave their homelands. Many of these made decision North America together their destination. Although the journey left plenty of sick and also poor, these immigrant were welcomed the continuous with great opportunity. Plenty of of these inhabitants stood up for your newfound flexibility in the American war of Independence. An ext recently, scot abroad have actually recovered much of their cumulative heritage with highland games and also other patriotic functions and also groups. An check of passenger and also immigration lists has actually located miscellaneous settlers bearing the name Gibbs: Gibbs inhabitants in United says in the 17th CenturyGibbs inhabitants in United claims in the 18th CenturyGibbs inhabitants in United says in the 19th Century
Some that the an initial settlers that this household name were:

Gibbs inhabitants in Canada in the 18th CenturyEdw Gibbs, that arrived in Quebec in 1784Gibbs settlers in Canada in the 19th CenturyJohn Corenelius Gibbs, aged 35, that arrived in Saint John, new Brunswick in 1833 board the delivery "Margaret" native London, EnglandPatrick Gibbs, who landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1843Henry Gibbs, that arrived in Esquimalt, british Columbia in 1862Charles B Gibbs, who landed in Esquimalt, british Columbia in 1862Gibbs settlers in Canada in the 20th CenturyMiss A Gibbs, that arrived in Saint John, brand-new Brunswick in 1907
Emigration come Australia followed the very first Fleets the convicts, tradespeople and early settlers. Beforehand immigrants include: Gibbs inhabitants in Australia in the 19th Century
Emigration to new Zealand complied with in the footsteps the the european explorers, such together Captain cook (1769-70): an initial came sealers, whalers, missionaries, and also traders. Through 1838, the British brand-new Zealand firm had started buying land native the Maori tribes, and also selling it to settlers, and, after ~ the contract of Waitangi in 1840, plenty of British families set out top top the arduous 6 month journey from Britain come Aotearoa to begin a new life. Early immigrants include: Gibbs inhabitants in new Zealand in the 19th CenturyJames Gibbs, that landed in Wellington, new Zealand in 1840 aboard the ship BombayJames Gibbs, aged 29, a room maker, that arrived in Wellington, new Zealand plank the delivery "Arab" in 1841Charlotte Gibbs, aged 22, that arrived in Wellington, new Zealand aboard the delivery "Arab" in 1841Isaac Gibbs, that landed in Nelson, brand-new Zealand in 1842 aboard the ship BoltonJames Gibbs, who landed in Nelson, new Zealand in 1842 aboard the ship "Bolton"
The British an initial settled the brother West Indies about 1604. Castle made numerous attempts but failed in some to create settlements ~ above the Islands including Saint Lucia and also Grenada. Through 1627 lock had controlled to develop settlements on St. Kitts (St. Christopher) and also Barbados, however by 1641 the Spanish had moved in and destroyed few of these including those at Providence Island. The British ongoing to broaden the settlements including setup the very first Federation in the brother West Indies through 1674; several of the islands encompass Barbados, Bermuda, Cayman Island, Turks and also Caicos, Jamaica and Belize then recognized as british Honduras. By the 1960"s countless of the islands became independent after the West Indies Federation which existed from 1958 to 1962 failed as result of internal politics conflicts. After this a number of Eastern Caribbean islands formed a totally free association. <15>Gibbs settlers in West Indies in the 17th Century
Leonard william "Doc" Gibbs Jr. (1948-2021), American percussionist who toured with artists such as Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Bob James, Ricki Lee Jones, Al Jarreau, Grover Washington, Jr., and many moreJonathan Clarkson Gibbs II (1821-1874), American Presbyterian minister and a significant officeholder throughout Reconstruction, the 1st Black Secretary that State and also Superintendent of public Instruction of FloridaRobert lane Gibbs (1971-2009), American politician, 28th White residence Press Secretary (2009-2011)Oliver Wolcott Gibbs (1822-1908), American chemist, finest known because that performing the first electrogravimetric analysesGeorge Gibbs (1815-1873), American geologist and ethnologistWilliam Francis Gibbs (1886-1967), American marine architect and marine engineer, designer that the ocean liner SS unified States
Air new Zealand flight 901 Fraterville mine HMS Hood HMS Prince the Wales HMS Repulse HMS imperial Oak
The motto was initially a war cry or slogan. Mottoes first began to be displayed with eight in the 14th and also 15th centuries, however were not in general use until the 17th century. Therefore the oldest coats that arms generally do not include a motto. Mottoes seldom type part that the grant of arms: Under many heraldic authorities, a motto is one optional component of the cloak of arms, and also can be included to or changed at will; countless families have actually chosen not to display screen a motto. Motto: Tenax propositiMotto Translation: Firm the purpose.
Gibbs-Chilton-Evans: households of Rockingham County, north Carolina by Lizora Powell Harbour.

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The Gibbs Family history and Their relatives of the Olden Times through Vernon Lee Gibbs.