What does Jennifer typical in Greek?

Jenny in Greek is Τζένη (From Ευγενία). The definition of Τζένη (From Ευγενία) is White wave.

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Whats the an interpretation of Jennifer?

The name Jennifer method Fair Phantom Or White Wave and also is of English origin. Jennifer is a name that’s been used mostly by parents who space considering baby names because that girls. The surname Jennifer is initially an anglicized variation of the Welsh surname Gwynhwyfar, provided for women of light complexion.

What is Jennifer in Hebrew?

Translation the “jennifer” in Hebrew. Noun. ג’ניפר

What walk Jennifer typical biblically?

Answered November 1, 2020. The surname Jennifer has actually no meaning in Hebrew. It is a brothers name, from Cornish origins, meaning something in the vicinity of “Fair One” or “White One”.

How old is the name Jennifer?

A common an initial name because that females in English-speaking nations during the 20th century, the name Jennifer has remained in use since the 18th century. Before 1906, the name was reasonably uncommon, yet it got some recognition after George young name Shaw provided it because that the key female personality in The Doctor’s Dilemma.

What is the irish name because that Jennifer?


How well-known is the surname Jennifer?


Jennifer (feminine)
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What sort of surname is Jennifer?

Jennifer origin and definition The surname Jennifer is a girl’s name of Cornish origin definition “white shadow, white wave”. Jennifer is the Cornish sport of Guinevere, i m sorry ultimately derived from the Welsh surname Gwenhwyfar.

How carry out you speak Jennifer in Italian?

“Jennifer” in Italian

Jennifer nome di donna.Jennifer.

Is Jennifer a French name?

The surname Jennifer is the Cornish form of Guinevere (Old French). The popularity of the surname was an initial boosted by its appearance as the character Jennifer Dubedat in the George Bernard show play The Doctor’s Dilemma (1905). Jennifer is a kind (English and German) the the English and also French Guinevere.

Is Jenna a nickname for Jennifer?

Jenna is a female provided name. In the English-speaking world it is a variation of Jenny, i beg your pardon is itself a diminutive the Jane, Janet, Jennifer and is often used as a name in its own right….Jenna.

Related namesGenevieve, Jane, Janet, Jen, Jennifer, Jenny

What is Salvatore?

Salvatore () is one Italian name meaning savior.

What walk the name Sally mean?

Sally as a girl’s surname is that Hebrew origin definition “princess”.

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What sort of surname is Sally?

Sally is an English language feminine offered name. The name originated together a pet surname for Sarah, yet has since become supplied independently. The is additionally a nickname because that Salome and Salimeh , which are especially popular in Georgia.