Origin of the surname Lola:

A diminutive form of the Spanish Dolores, which is obtained from dolores (sorrows, aches).

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From A civilization of infant Names by Teresa Norman.

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Angelo Arlo Elodie Eloise Enzo Gino Giovanni Harlow Josie Marco Marlowe Matteo Nico Opal Owen Rocco roman inn Romeo Rosalie Shiloh Sofia Soleil Sophia Sophie willow
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LolitaPolish nicknames: Lolka (LOHL-ka), Lolcia (LOHL-chya)LoLoleyLollieLuluLaniLalaLou-LaniLou-RooLol (pronounced loal)Lola belleLoLoeyLolo

Meanings and history of the surname Lola

In polish Lola (LOH-la) is an unusual nickname for Karolina, even much more rarely for Laura, Leonia and also Eleonora.

The native "lola" is the word for "grandmother/granny/grandmom" in the Filipino language Tagalog, likewise in the Filipino language Visayan/Bisaya.

Famous real-life world named Lola

Lola Albright - American actressLola Glaudini - American actressLola Pagnani - Italian actressLola elegant (b. 2001), daughter that Kelly Ripa and also Mark ConsuelosLola climbed (b. 2005), daughter that Charlie Sheen and Denise RichardsLola ray (b. 2002), daughter the Peter Facinelli and also Jennie GarthLola Simone (b. 2002), daughter of kris RockLola Iolani Momoa (b. 2007), daughter that American actress Lisa BonetLola Alain Thicke (b.2019), daughter that Robin Thicke

Lola in song, story & screen

Lola Pacini, personality in the Netflix series Degrassi: following ClassLola Sonner, character in the Charlie and also Lola collection of books by Lauren Child.

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There is also a television show based upon this pair.Lola Luftnagle/Lola LaFonda, surname Lilly Trescott provides on the television show "Hannah Montana" come disguise herself.Lola, key character in the 1998 German film "Run Lola Run" or "Lola rennt.""Whatever Lola Wants" is a song originally written because that the pat "Damn Yankees." It"s also been recorded by the likes the Ella Fitzgerald, Les Brown, and also Sarah Vaughn. It was motivated by Lola Montez."Lola" is a song about an encounter between a young man and also a transvestite perform by The Kinks and released in 1970.Lola, key character in the tune "Copacabana", performed by Barry Manilow "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl"Mary Elizabeth "Lola" Steppe native Disney"s Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen"Lola" is a track by British-Lebanese singer-songwriter MIKALola from "Shark Tale"