Chrome and Firefox have begun to exhibit number on the YouTube tab. The numbers room enclosed in brackets and they change everyday. You might see a (2) alongside YouTube in your browsers tab one day. The following day, it may be gone, or it can have turned right into a (5). Users can’t number out if this is a brand-new browser function or if an extension/add-on acting up. The number seems to be arbitrary and also it doesn’t mean anything to most of them. The number isn’t arbitrary and also your web browser or one add-on does no generate it. It’s comes from YouTube’s notifications. Here’s how you can get rid of the number top top the YouTube tab.

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Open YouTube. Enable it to load and also see if the number appears in the tab. If it does, look at the height right edge of the YouTube interface. Friend will watch your file badge. Beside it is a bell symbol with a number badge of that own. This bell icon indicates new/unread YouTube notifications. If you have actually a most them, the number argorial will review 99+.

The number ~ above the YouTube tab reflects the exact number of unread YouTube notifications the you have. To remove it, click the bell icon once. A little window will open up showing you your notifications. You can go through them if friend want but it isn’t vital if every you want to execute is eliminate the number ~ above the YouTube tab. Click exterior the window to nearby it. YouTube will mark the notifications together read and the number will disappear native the tab.


This isn’t a brand-new Chrome or Firefox features. Facebook and Twitter exhibit this exact same behavior. A facebook tab shows you the number of brand-new notifications girlfriend have. A Twitter tab shows you the number of brand-new tweets.

The readjust seems to be a adjust YouTube propelled in current days. The website has had actually notifications because that the longest time however only now has it included support for displaying lock in the tab.

If friend dismiss the notifications, the number in the tab will certainly go away. This isn’t permanent. As soon as you have brand-new notifications top top YouTube, the tab will show a number again. There’s no transforming it off permanently. You can hunt because that an add-on or expansion that disables notifications in the tab but then girlfriend will have to forgo the notifications for various other websites too.

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Another systems is to rotate them off for all networks and task on YouTube. This just works if you discover YouTube notifications useless.