once in page Break Preview there room no blue lines come adjust. Where execute I uncover the blue currently or how can I get them back?

I haven"t tried anything since I don"t also know where to begin. I"ve to be trying come google however the only info that come up is just how to create, delete web page breaks. Ns know exactly how to change page breaks yet its a small impossible and also frustrating to do without the blue lines.

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If you room talking around the exact same blue present that i think you are (solid blue about the outside and dotted blue on the interior)...those are references to display how the pages will certainly print. You can also change those v your mouse (hover end the line and a twin sided arrow will appear or you can highlight the print selection you want and go to page Layout => web page Setup => publish Area. As for just how to gain them back, shot redefining your publish area.


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