The middle row or home heat keys room the row of secrets on the computer keyboard her fingers rest on once not typing. For example, top top the traditional QWERTY United states keyboard, the house row keys for your left hand are A, S, D, and F and also your appropriate hand space J, K, l, and ; (semicolon). For both hands, the thumbs remainder on the spacebar. By positioning your hands correctly on the residence row keys, you deserve to memorize whereby all other tricks on the keyboard are located.

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How to place fingers on home row keys


As viewed in the over picture, your hands must lay normally on the center row of tricks (home heat keys) that the keyboard. Your left-hand table of contents finger must be ~ above the letter "F." her right-hand table of contents finger have to be on the letter "J." Both thumbs should be ~ above the spacebar.


Without looking in ~ the keyboard, you deserve to identify wherein your hands need to be positioned through your table of contents fingers feeling for small bumps top top the letters "F" and "J." For more information about these bumps, see: Why room there bumps on the F and also J keyboard keys?

Why should fingers be inserted on residence row keys?

Placing your fingers on the residence row secrets helps rise your inputting speed because it allows easy accessibility to all other keys surrounding those fingers. Quicker typing relies on every finger pressing details keys that space nearby, without having actually to move your whole hand or other fingers and ideally without looking at the keyboard.

What space all the keys obtainable on the house row?

In enhancement to the tricks your fingers room positioned over. Your left index finger is also used to push the G key, and your left pinky presses the hat Lock key. Your right hand index finger additionally presses the H key, and your ideal pinky presses the " (single quote) and also Enter. Also, pressing and holding the left shift while pressing the ; vital allows friend to type a : (colon) and pressing " species a " (quote).

How countless letters and also keys room on the residence row keys?

How countless letters on home row keys

On a QWERTY keyboard, there room nine letters (A, S, D, F, G, H, J, K, and also L) ~ above the residence row. Top top a Dvorak keyboard, there space ten letter A, O, E, U, I, D, H, T, N, and S on the residence row.

How many total keys room on the keyboard home row keys

If you count all tricks on the house row, there room a complete of 13 keys. Tricks on the home row that space not letters incorporate the caps Lock key, semicolon and also colon key, single quote and quote key, and also the go into key.

What space the residence row tricks on a Dvorak keyboard?

On the Dvorak United claims keyboard, the home row secrets on her left hand space A, O, E, and also U. Top top your appropriate hand, they space H, T, N, and S, v the thumbs relaxing on the spacebar.

While it"s been suggested that Dvorak keyboard users can kind faster than QWERTY key-board users, it counts on every user. Part users are naturally faster at inputting than others, nevertheless of the kind of keyboard used.

What are the home row tricks of the numeric keypad?

The house row keys of the numeric keypad room 4, 5, and 6. To position your hand on the house row keys of the numeric keypad, location your right hand table of contents finger on the number four. Your right hand middle finger need to then naturally lay ~ above the number five, the ring finger have to be top top the number four, and your pinky have to be top top the plus symbol.


You have the right to position your hand top top the home row of the numeric keypad without looking by emotion for the bump on the number five.

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What room the rows over and listed below the house row keys?

The row above the house row tricks is called the top row keys and the row below the house row keys is dubbed the bottom heat keys.