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These ROOT-WORDS are VIV, VIVI & VITA which mean ALIVE & LIFE. Castle come from the Latin vita & vivus. These ROOTS lead on from the ancient barbaric exercise of VIVIsepulture, come the modern-day barbaric practice of VIVIsection. As we take trip we marvel at the VIVIparous guppy; in ~ the salmon which provides us fish eggs for caviar. Us rejoice at the exploration of VITAmins and also wonder what the ancients did without this knowledge. That course, they didn’t walk to the pharmacy to to buy them, they simply ate castle in the growing foods.1. An important : VITA i (vite’ al) adj.Relating come life; as, vital power2. Vitaglass : VITA glass (vie’ ta glas) n.A trademark because that glass which enables ultraviolet rays come pass v it3. Vitality : VITA lity (vi tal; ns ty) n.State and also quality of being alive4. Vitalize : VITA lize (vite’ al ize) v.Endow through life; revive; vivify5. Vitals : VITA is (vite’ alz) n.The an important organs; necessary parts; together heart, lungs, brain, liver, etc6. Vitamin : VITA min (vite’ a min) n.One that the important constituents of foods7. Vitaminize : VITA minize (vie’ ta mi nize) v.Enrich foods by adding vitamins8. Vitaminology : VITA minology (vie ta mi nol’ o ji) n.Knowledge dealing with of the nature the vitamins9. Vitascope : VITA scope (vite’ a skope) n.A motion snapshot projector10. Vivace : VIV ace (vee vach’ ay) adj.In a brisk; lively; spirited manner
11. Vivacious : VIV acious (vi vay’ shus) adj.Full of life; sprightly; as, vivacious wit12. Vicacity : VIV acity (vi vas’ the ee) n.Vital force; animation13. Vivarium : VIV arium (vie var’ ee um) n.A box, enclosed through glass, in which and also animals are maintained alive indoors14. Viveur : VIV eur (vee ver’) n.One who lives it up15. Viviparous : VIV iparous (vie vip’ a rus) adj.Bearing live young, no eggs16. Vivisect : VIV isect (viv’ i sekt) v.Cut because that investigation17. Vivisection : VIV isection (viv i sek’ shun) n.The plot of vivisecting because that science18. Vivisepulture : VIV isepulture (viv ns sep’ ul tur) n.The exercise of burying civilization alive19. Revive : re VIV e (re vive’) v.Bring back to life20. Endure : sur VIV e (Sur vive’) v.Live through and also beyond an ordeal

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Demo & dem are the root-words for many other words.Mort, mori & mors space the root-words for plenty of other words.Root word : NatStereo is the root-word for many other words.Ism is the root-word for numerous other words.