In the below lines ok be share 5 various ways I watch Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde form from the suggest of see of someone who’s interested in psychology, mythology, symbolism in art, approach aaaand likewise anime.

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This blog write-up is for you if you’ve watched/read Bleach, are a pan of the and an ext specifically if friend loved the Ichigo VS Ulquiorra fight.

SPOILER ALERT: If friend haven’t watched up till episode 272 in Bleach climate there space spoilers here. You have actually been warned.

Sidenote: Just since I interpret something in some way doesn’t median that the creators the Bleach were thinking about that thing once they were making the show. Every I’m law is sharing ways to translate their art.My hope is simply that someone(maybe you) will watch things in different way after they’ve heard/read another perspective.

Also — as soon as I to speak “Vasto Lorde” throughout this blog short article I’m introduce to Ichigo’s change in his fight against Ulquiorra at about episode 272 in the Bleach anime. (images of Vasto lord Ichigo for reference deserve to be discovered throughout this entire article)

So without more ado, let’s acquire right right into 5 means I interpret Ichigo’s Vasto lord Form:

1. Vasto Lorde together a Reptilian Predator





Hollow Ichigo from when he trains with the Vizards. focus on THE huge TAIL.

The idea because that looking in ~ him choose this came to me ~ hearing Dr. Jordan Peterson — who’s a clinical psychologist and professor the psychology — talk in part Youtube video about something related to evolution and also psychological reaction to specific stimuli regarded predators.

Said in an additional way: we must feel are afraid when us hear a noise in the dark and also we don’t know who’s there. That are afraid is a psychological and also physiological reaction come a stimulus.

And from there I just saw Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde form as a walking talk personification that a reptilian predator.

So it is one means to look at him.

2. Vasto Lorde together a Personification the Rage


Vasto lorde Ichigo screaming/roaring. (Gif bring away from arbitrarily google search. Minute taken straight from the anime.)

Another way to look in ~ Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde type is together if the is the personification of some abstract idea.

You deserve to look in ~ it in another way: Ares in greek mythology is the god that war. And also he’s associate with similar things.

So in a comparable fashion we can look in ~ Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde kind as the embodiment that pure rage.

Also — I’m utilizing “rage” here since that’s together close as I can obtain with words to the point that ns feeling. It could be “fury” or “bloodlust” or some various other related thing as well.

Things that assistance this idea: the pretty lot goes headfirst into Ulquiorra and tries to murder him immediately. After ~ the fight he mirrors no mercy. He’s no thinking, i beg your pardon is associated with rage

Also, in the anime Vasto Lorde supplies a Cero which is completely red. He additionally roars and the aura around him likewise looks red. My point with this is that red is a colour connected with rage and that supports the idea the Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde kind is the embodiment the rage. (or something favor that)

3. Vasto Lorde together a Personification that Primal Instincts

Ichigo loser consciousness and THEN we check out Vasto mr Ichigo.

It’s not conscious. It’s as close come instinctual as I view it. He’s much more so an pet than he is a human.

This additionally ties in with the predator way of looking in ~ him due to the fact that predators in our civilization are animals that — as much as I understand — live top top instinct.

And likewise we understand for a reality that instinct is a huge word in the Bleach community because there’s a whole big shpeel around it indigenous Ichigo’s within white equivalent while castle battling within Ichigo for control over his body.

So the third method I have the right to twist my perception while looking at Vasto mr Ichigo is the of instincts taking over.

4. Vasto Lorde together a tribal Warrior

Vasto lord Ichigo holding Ulquiorra’s hand after having reduced if off. (I fucking love this image. Ns hadn’t seen it until now ❤)

He’s a great fighter. An excellent reflexes. An excellent composure. No thinking.

Incredible physical qualities like speed, agility, strength, etc.

It’s together if he’s trained his whole life on peak of gift the many talented fighter in his tribe.

Tattered clothes, halfway naked, barefoot, knife in hand — you can’t blame me for reasoning of a lack warrior here.

Here’s a arbitrarily google photo I download after in search of “tribal warrior”:

Credit to the rightful owner.

Ya can’t blame me because that associating the Vasto lorde visual style with the archetypal “tribal warrior” idea, can you?


Vasto Lorde’s horns in tandem with his mask/head look choose a helmet.A helmet is worn by a warrior because its energy is to safeguard you in battle. So come me the looks much more like Vasto lord is a warrior because of the visual element of the looking as if he has a helmet to protect his head.Vasto Lorde’s body and also face have actually markings ~ above them.You can easily view a lack warrior having such things once going right into battle. And also to me that supports the Vasto lord tribal warrior idea.

Tribal warrior Vasto mr confirmed. Relocating on come the last interpretation:

5. Vasto Lorde as an Undead Being

This idea is a bit brand-new to me. I have a few posters of Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde type on my wall and i was looking in ~ them literally 35 seconds earlier and i was reasoning out loud about the idea the he looks dead.

What I average by an dead is the he’s pale, the thing on his head is no a challenge with a mask however definitely something the resembles a skull.

Eye sockets through no eyes. Teeth. No skin top top face. Jawbone and how it attaches to peak of skull plainly visible.Okay, it resembles a skull sufficient for us to say that it’s one way we could interpret what we’re spring at.

Him having actually a large gaping feet in his chest doesn’t do him look an ext alive either.

All ns saying is the Ichigo’s Vasto Lorde form looks choose a go corpse (with a sword in hand).

Final Thoughts

So those were 5 ways I check out Ichigo Kurosaki’s Vasto mr form native Bleach.

And yes, this whole article was written since I’m a fangirl.

But ns really do hope that you to be able to take something away from that by see someone else’s perspective.

I composed this short post because ns a novice psychologist, psychoanalyst, mythologist and also philosopher.

I’m interested in those things but I can not write/say anything insightful at all because of how brand-new I to be to those disciplines.

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So instead what ns doing is composing blog articles that halfway revolve about those self-control (but not really) in the really hopes that who will view me and also take me under their wing through mentoring me in those fields.