At 19, singer-songwriter Colby O"Donis was gift billed as the Latino price to Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown. But what occurred to him?

Colby"s rise to fame began at period ten, as soon as he became the youngest recording artist ever signed to Motown Records in stimulate to carry out a track for a major motion picture soundtrack. The song, title "Mouse in the House", was featured on the 1999 Stuart Little soundtrack.

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In 2006, O"Donis virtually signed a record deal with Babyface. However, prior to the deal was finalised, O"Donis" management set up a meeting in between him and Akon. They gained in the studio whereby Colby play Akon his first demo the fourteen songs, and Akon loved and also "really associated with it".


A couple of weeks later, they set up a session and also began functioning on music where Colby stated they had really great chemistry native the start. In ~ this time, Akon told O"Donis the he was starting his very own label, called Konvict Muzik, and asked if he want to it is in a part of it. Colby i agreeed and, for the following two years, the waited for the label to "get going and achieve the stature they should launch brand-new artists" before being officially signed.

Colby"s an initial single, "What friend Got", special Akon, to be released in February 2008, and also his second single, title "Don"t turn Back", was released in June. Both singles were featured top top his debut album, Colby O.



Colby was also featured on Lady Gaga"s debut single, Just Dance, earning the a nomination for best Dance recording at the 50th Grammy Awards. To date, this has actually been his many successful single.


In 2009, released the singles I Wanna Touch You,  and to be featured ~ above Akon"s song Beautiful.

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In 2013, Colby O"Donis began working top top his second studio album, titled Start Over. The album was never released.