children eating Play-Doh is common. Little amounts that the non-toxic variety are not harmful. However if large amounts room eaten, there are side-effects.

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What To expect If your Baby Or Toddler Eats Play-Doh
tiny ones choose to put everything in their mouths. If the looks, feels, or smells interesting, the will get in their mouths to view what it tastes like. And also unfortunately, few of the things that youngsters want many to put into their mouths are the worst things possible for them.

Play-Doh, a clip in numerous households, is one of the biggest temptations because that babies and toddlers as soon as it comes to putting non-food items right into their mouths. And also it is not hard to see why. That is colorful, it can smell choose snack food, and is soft and squishy come the touch. Therefore, young children should be watched at all times once playing through Play-Doh, especially if they are infamous for putting things in their mouths. But, if a toddler or infant gets ahold the Play-Doh and also does occur to ingest it, is that a medical emergency?

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below is what to expect, should a toddler or infant eat Play-Doh.

Toxicity of Play-Doh

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Commercial: Most the the commercial-made Play-Doh, be it surname brand or other, is generally non-toxic, follow to verywell family. This is since the ingredients in these commodities are wheat, salt, and also clay, i m sorry is not took in into the body, every The day-to-day Meal.

if toddlers and also babies should not do it a habit come eat Play-Doh with any kind of regularity, if they take place to eat a little, there have to be no chemicals in the that space poisonous. However, labels should always be confirm to make certain the product specifically claims that that is non-toxic.

Homemade: While numerous homemade Play-Doh recipes can be discovered online, one thing that castle all have actually in typical is a large amount that salt as component of the recipe.

follow to Romper expert, Kelly Johnson-Arbor, MD, a medical toxicologist, and also co-medical director in ~ National funding Poison Center, eating excessive quantities of salt have the right to be life-threatening as result of sodium levels reaching unsafe limits. Therefore, it is important to watch tiny ones prefer a hawk when it pertains to the homemade version of Play-Doh.


When big amounts the Play-Doh are eaten, over there is a very high possibility that there will be side-effects or reactions. Several of those, according to Romper, include:

Vomiting: large amounts of ingested Play-Doh are most likely to cause a little one come vomit. That is no digestible and as such, the dough will certainly sit choose a item of lead in the stomach till it at some point starts to job-related its way through the body.

If the toddler or baby does not appear to it is in in lot distress, if the vomiting is not constant, and he can tolerate little amounts that water, there typically is no should worry. However, if the vomiting does no seem come lessen ~ the early wave, or if the tiny one shows up lethargic or just not choose themselves, contacting a doctor may be in order.

Abdominal Pain: abdominal pain will certainly likely result from eating large amounts of Play-Doh, follow to cynical Crunchy Mom. However, if the pains does no pass in a short period or if it worsens, a doctor need to be contacted.

Diarrhea: together the Play-Doh works with the baby or toddler"s system, over there is a big likelihood the diarrhea will result. In many cases, the is no a reason for concern. However, if diarrhea does not show up to be lessening after every bout and also instead continues to worsen, a doctor must be contacted.

Constipation: The Play-Doh can also cause constipation if eaten in huge quantities. If constipation does not resolve in a quick period, again, contacting a doctor might be in order.