A table is a network of cell arranged in rows and also columns. Tables deserve to be offered to theorem any type of content, whether you're functioning with text or numerical data. In Word, you can quickly insert a blank table or convert existing text come a table. Girlfriend can likewise customize your table using various styles and layouts.

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Optional: Download our exercise document.

Watch the video clip below to learn an ext about creating tables.

To insert a blank table:Place the insertion allude where you desire the table come appear.Navigate come the Insert tab, climate click the Table command.

This will open a drop-down food selection that includes a grid. Hover over the grid to choose the number of columns and also rows girlfriend want.

Click the grid come confirm your selection, and also a table will certainly appear.To enter text, ar the insertion point in any cell, then start typing.

To navigate in between cells, use the Tab an essential or arrow keys on your keyboard. If the insertion allude is in the critical cell, pressing the Tab vital will immediately create a brand-new row.

To convert existing text to a table:

In the instance below, every line of message contains part of a checklist, including chores and also days that the week. The items are separated by tabs. Indigenous can transform this information into a table, using the tabs to different the data right into columns.

Select the message you desire to convert to a table. If you're utilizing our exercise file, you can find this message on page 2 the the document.


Go come the Insert tab, climate click the Table command.Select Convert text to Table indigenous the drop-down menu.

A dialog box will certainly appear. Select one of the choices under Separate message at. This is how Word knows what to put into each column.

Modifying tables

You can easily readjust the illustration of your table when you've added one to your document. There room several alternatives for customization, including adding rows or columns and an altering the table style.

To include a row or column:Hover external the table wherein you desire to include a heat or column. Click the plus sign that appears.
To delete a row or column:Place the insertion point in the row or column you desire to delete.Right-click, then choose Delete cell from the menu.

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The heat or tower will it is in deleted.To apply a table style:

Table formats let you adjust the look and also feel of your table instantly. They control several architecture elements, including color, borders, and fonts.

Click everywhere in her table to pick it, then click the Design tab top top the far right that the Ribbon.