"Exhalation" is a scientific research fiction brief story by Ted Chiang, published in 2008. The story tells us about a scientist that is component of a gyeongju of air-driven mechanical beings. One day, the realizes that time is going much faster than usual, ot rather, that human being brains are computer slower. That realizes that after part time, all activity will cease, and also they will avoid existing. The concludes that life and civilization is a miracle. The story is expected to remind us how miraculous and also special person life is.

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The answer come the provided question above is alternative A: The prestige of living life come the fullest. "Exhalation" is actually a short story i m sorry was written by the American writer Ted Chiang. This consists the genre of scientific research fiction and also the key theme the this conveys is the prestige of human beings should value and also treat their lives. 

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The temperance movement consisted mostly among church-goers in America. It started in the early 1800s to restrict drink in America. The movement looked in ~ the issue for social with religious sentiment. The 18th amendment fixed prohibition in alcohol by placing illegal ~ above sale, manufacture, and also transport that intoxicating liquors.

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BASIS for COMPARISON: what typical feature execute the topic have obtained served together the writers an easy for comparing/ contrasting them

FOCUS: which of castle are desired by the writer to it is in a nationwide hero what is his came around his preference

ASPECTS: what facets the authors talk about to prove his emphasis or claim

FORMAT:what style did the author follow in writing the article

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suppose there space two comparable things the you would favor to to buy in digital shop but your money"s only enough constantly decide i m sorry one to store by comparing and contrasting the items is a venn diagram or a comparison and contrast graph to procedure your decision and also arrived at the better choice.

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ASSESSMENT; based on the prize you provide it tasks and write an opinion essay around the issue of an efficient leader and also why they"re matter




The leader would certainly these glowing ideas and plants and then works to convince you to follow fact does not carry out what come he says


The leader who communicates briefly and vividy the ideas and also plans,and then takes the yet in initiative to put the principles work or achieve the plan

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Opinions from the writer or other occurred authorities that assistance yours

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Opinions formed from the truth you discover

Opinions native the writer or various other relevant authorities that support yours



Give the opinions of the writer

Tell even if it is you agree or disagree v her opinions

Explain why girlfriend agree or disagree

WHAT I have the right to DO

what negative message to refer to say to your

mother?, father?, siblings?, finest friend ?,classmates?, teacher? ,neighbour?, acquaintance?

Negative message

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