John Steinbeck was a novelist who dropped the end of Stanford University. He later on perused a career as a novelist and also won The Nobel compensation in 1962 because that his literature. (“John Steinbeck- biography,” 2012) john Steinbeck to be able to end up being successful also without the aid of a university degree. He used many an individual experiences in many of his writings. John Steinbeck wrote the novel The Pearl based upon his own an individual experiences. John Steinbeck additionally completed countless other novels. Man Steinbeck created The Grapes the Wrath before writing The Pearl.

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The Grapes that Wrath was an accomplishment for Steinbeck because that he won many accomplishments for his writing. He won the annual National publication Award and also Pulitzer Prize and also was also rewarded with the Nobel prize in 1962 for this novel. (“Wikipedia”) john Steinbeck composed The Pearl in 1947 while he to be at the height of his career after winning the Pulitzer Prize because that The Grapes the Wrath. By the time Steinbeck was creating The Pearl he already had end up being accustomed come the fame. The novel is a parable, which means a lesson is taught.

The pearl in this novel i do not care a metaphor for Heaven because Kino, the main character makes the pearl itself his priority and also life. The pearl is constantly in his mindset. Kino thinks of all the joys of having actually the pearl as well as living through God in Heaven. Steinbeck uses the parable to reflect the American dream of success. Steinbeck was able to quickly rise to fame and fortune and also was able to prosper quickly, and Kino was. A 2nd inspiration for The Pearl is the story of a Mexican boy that was told in Steinbeck’s Sea the Cortez.

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The boy in the original tale want to use the clothing to purchase alcohol, clothing, and also sexual activity. (Cogan) few of which were shown in Steinbeck’s novel The Pearl. Numerous points native the tale including the rapacious dealers and also the attacks on the young to discover the pearl Steinbeck did include in the last copy the the novel. Overall, Steinbeck composed the novel The Pearl based on his an individual experiences. Experiences encompass his climb to call so fast such together Kino’s increase to fame. An additional experience consisted of his expedition to Mexico and the tale of the young mexico boy. Steinbeck composed the novel based on his experiences and the novel would certainly not have actually been together detailed and connecting if it to be not based on his actual an individual experiences and was strict fiction. Functions Cited Cogan, Allen. “The log from the Sea of Cortez by man Steinbeck. “. MexConnect, 15 February 2006. Web. 3 Oct 2012.. “John Steinbeck – Biography”. Nobelprize. Org. 3 Oct 2012 http:/www. Nobelprize. Org/nobel_prizes/literature/laureates/1962/steinbeck-bio. Html “The Grapes of Wrath. ” Wikipedia. N. P., 02 October 2012. Web. 3 Oct 2012. .



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