While a Lumberjack enhance is no everyone"s idea of a SummerSlam standard in the making, the stipulation has actually some promise to further Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins.

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Surrounding the ring with various other Superstars can include subplots come an already narrative-rich clash. It"s a fitting gimmick match, one the can emphasis on the past and highlight each man"s character.

Utilizing old rivals, The Authority and relying on timeless heel cowardice can elevate this contest, also if it"s no everyone"s top choice for Ambrose and Rollins" an initial real showdown.

Ambrose deserve the ideal to name the stipulation the this grudge complement by winning a win the Clock Challenge, beating Alberto Del Rio in over 15 minutes. He then announced his selection on SmackDown, per PWInsider.

The result was a collective "What? Really?" native fans. 

The folks that run the Wrestling v Subtitles Twitter account weren"t thrilled v the choice:

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Writer Jonathan Fisher trashed the idea together well:

Jim Ross wrote on his blog, "I"m not wild about the Lumberjack Stipulation because that Summer Slam between Dean Ambrose and also Rollins yet I"m sure that the 2 will tear down the residence if provided the time to execute so."

Admittedly, a fight for the Money in the financial institution briefcase or a drops Count Anywhere match would have been much more exciting, however WWE has actually some storyline choices to turn to as it attempts to maximize the potential of Ambrose"s pursuit for revenge.

Old Rivals 

Rollins has actually made much more enemies in the last two months than JBL has made Bo Dallas puns.

The reality that so countless of the wrestlers likely to be serving as "lumberjacks" despise Rollins will certainly make every trip out the the ring an attractive one. Should Ambrose send the flying end the top rope, a collection of sneering deals with will await Rollins.

He has actually attempted to cash in his Money in the financial institution contract on man Cena. Roman Reigns won"t be happy with Rollins, either. Back Reigns has been an ext focused top top Randy Orton together of late, the storage of Rollins destroying The Shield with a chair shot to Reigns" back is quiet vivid, quiet powerful.

Rollins and Dolph Ziggler have dealt with several time recently, yet on the Aug. 8 SmackDown, the previous member of The Shield was specifically merciless. He yanked ~ above Ziggler"s hair and hurled him into the ring steps. 

The Showoff won"t it is in smiling need to he and Rollins cross courses at SummerSlam.

Rollins" collection of adversaries can include tension come what need to be an currently tense bout. WWE shouldn"t have those men gain too involved, but if that runs right into each one at various intervals, there"s a chance to develop some engaging moments and lasting images. 

Cena, Ziggler or Reigns staring down Rollins before around throwing him ago into the ring would include a pretty touch come the action.

Fight, No Flight

After running from Ambrose for months, Rollins will have actually no course to execute so come SummerSlam.

That"s plainly why Ambrose made decision this form of match. It"s something the can help these foes in telling their story.

Rather 보다 just have actually them lock up and engage in a traditional wrestling contest, WWE can have Ambrose chase his prey. Rollins may shot to duck out between the ropes a few times, however he will check out a human wall surrounding him.

Watching him furiously scurry roughly the mat might be fun.

He would certainly be the computer mouse running from corner to corner before realizing he"s closeup of the door in. That"s as soon as the computer mouse becomes a monster. Required into fighting, Rollins can show off an especially aggressive side.

Desperation could overcome Rollins and also turn the from slimy heel to something much an ext dangerous. That would certainly be a logical and intriguing next step to your story. Rollins has been in escape setting for so lengthy that he"s going to need a catalyst to change.

The Lumberjack stipulation have the right to be precisely that.

The Authority"s Influence

A feeling of injustice could add emotion to this match.

Should Ambrose uncover himself external the ring, he will certainly no doubt run right into one of Rollins" allies. Mr. Money in the bank selling out means that Orton, Triple H and Kane are currently all in his corner.

While the babyfaces will likely refrain indigenous doing damage to Rollins, The Authority has actually no worries with rule-breaking. A kick to the challenge from Orton or a chokeslam indigenous Kane can tilt the advantage against Ambrose. It would also get pan upset through the villains, Rollins included.

It will be entertaining to see just how Triple H goes around choosing who occupies the ring area for the match.

Does he fill it with men like Ryback and Curtis Axel, two men he knows will perform his bidding? Does that find new cronies to control?

Like one attorney choosing members that the jury, The game has the chance to handpick the lumberjacks, make for bad odds because that Ambrose.

Those aspects won"t it is in as essential as the fire that will burn between Rollins and also Ambrose, however they could be entertain bells and also whistles to much better the match.

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WWE is most likely planning for a steel Cage enhance or a collision within Hell in a Cell with these previous friends. It"s too great a feud to wrap up already.

With a couple of subplots pack in, the Lumberjack enhance could have folks forgetting exactly how much they hated the principle in the first place.