i googled masculine pig word and also got outcomes that said the word to be boar.

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i thought, "That"s odd; I thought that was the word for a wild pig!" for this reason I visited Dictionary.com and also sure enough, it has both meanings:

boar noun 1. The uncastrated male swine. 2. Wild boar. Adjective 3. Southern Midland and Southern U.S. (of animals) male, especially full-grown: a boar cat.

So ns was wondering, because there exist a term the only method female pig--sow, does such a native exist that only method male pig and nothing else? I"m searching for a distinctive term.


There space three terms provided for this purpose. Here"s a summary of all three from Wikipedia.

Boar or hog, masculine pig of reproduction age.Barrow, masculine pig castrated before puberty.Stag, masculine pig castrated later on in life (an larger boar after castration).

If the varieties is dubbed "hog" (AmE), the name for a complete grown male hog is "boar", and also "pig" for a young, weaned hog or any type of immature hog, and also a "piglet" for a tiny pig, particularly a suckling one.


If the species is dubbed "pig" (chiefly BE) or "swine", the surname for a mature male pig is "hog", "shoat/shote" because that a young, weaned pig or any type of immature pig, and also "piglet" because that a young, unweaned pig.




It appears that the question is lot more complicated than it may at an initial appear, as there space multiple names because that male, female and even hermaphrodite pigs. This names take right into account, amongst other things, age, weight, sex-related maturity, “sexual degrees” (such as whether the males have been castrated, when there is just one testicle “showing,” or for hermaphroditic ones). For a good account of this multiple swine names and their meanings, check out Rare breed Pig Keeping, p. 54 (available online at http://www.gospbc.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/RareBreedPigKeeping.pdf

Therefore there does no seem to be a single name because that either a woman or male pig, yet several to select from based upon a wide range of differences.


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