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Hell hath no fury favor a woman scorned’ is one idiom the is adjusted from a line in wilhelm Congreve’s play, The Mourning Bride (1697). The line from i m sorry it come is ‘Heaven has actually no rage favor love to hate turned, no one hell a fury choose a woman scorned.”

‘Hell on foot no fury like a mrs scorned’ way that there is no better anger 보다 that of a woman who has been rubbish in love.

People typically think that this quote originates from Shakespeare, the it is among the hundreds of Shakespeare’s phrases that have become idioms, together it looks as though it is one of Shakespeare’s lines. That is an especially the case because it has actually the early contemporary English native ‘hath’ in it. Words ‘hath’ has actually crept right into the idiom also though that is no in the original line.

The quote also looks as though the may have come from the Bible, for the exact same reasons. ‘Where does this quote come from?’ is sometimes a inquiry in quiz programs, one in which most participants would certainly answer ‘Shakespeare’ or ‘the Bible,’ and, of course, they would certainly be wrong.

William Congreve was a popular and also successful English playwright of reconstruction theatre, whose plays room still sometimes staged. Some of his various other lines are also mistaken because that Shakespeare, because that example, ‘Music has charms come soothe the savage breast, ‘ ‘tis far better to it is in left than never ever to have been loved,’ ‘You need to not kiss and also tell’ and ‘married in haste, us repent at leisure.’

The Mourning Bride is a catastrophic play, first performed in 1697. The heat is talked by Zara who is captured and also made a prisoner and also becomes affiliated in a deadly love triangle.

The native ‘scorned’ has actually a specific an interpretation today: it would certainly be comparable to ‘mocked.’ so it appears to be around mocking a woman, yet the definition has changed. The theatregoers the the 17th century would have taken the native to median ‘betrayed.’ That would be especially in the case of a mrs who had been replaced by another woman in a masculine affections.

It is an interesting quote as it’s controversial these days. Part women disapprove of its use because they see it together a sexist stereotype that depicts females as gift overemotional contrasted with men. Other women watch it together a warning around the power of women, asserting that a guy should think twice prior to crossing one.

Although Congreve was among the most famous playwrights the his time his job in the theatre was brief – just seven years. Social change was taking place and his type of drama became seen as somewhat old-fashioned, so he retired from playwriting and continued as a poet, translator, and opera librettist, however it is just his human body of theatre that has actually survived into the 21st Century.

Congreve’s plays room generally about the thorny partnership that exists between men and also women. The is something that fascinates writers and is among the key themes of every literature.

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William Congreve vs Oscar Wilde

Two hundred years after Congreve an irish writer conquered the London theatre with the very same theme. That was Oscar Wilde, whose revolve of phrase was so comparable to Congreve’s that ‘hell on foot no fury like a mrs scorned,’ and specifically ‘married in haste, us repent in ~ leisure,’ are frequently attributed to him.

Wilde’s male personalities make what we regard together sexist comments today, but would not have been considered as such in victor England. Some of his most renowned quotes about women room – (a character talking around a middle-aged widow who has actually been rejuvenated by she husband’s death) ‘Her hair has turned quite gold with grief’; ‘Men constantly want to it is in a woman’s very first love – women favor to be a man’s critical romance’; ‘the strength of women comes from the truth that psychology cannot explain them’. ‘Men deserve to be analysed, women merely adored’; ‘The only way to behave come a mrs is to do love to her if she is pretty, and also to someone rather if she is plain’; ‘I like males who have a future and also women who have actually a past.’

Amongst this an option of Oscar Wilde price quotes it’s easy to see exactly how the expression ‘Hell on foot no fury prefer a mrs scorned’ by william Congreve would certainly fit nicely!


Portrait of wilhelm Congreve

Other well known idioms falsely attributed come Shakespeare

Here space some much more traps because that you come watch out for once you participate in quizzes: these room all quotes that DO NOT come indigenous Shakespeare:

“No man is an island”

John Donne

“Oh what a tangled internet we weave“When very first we practice to deceive”

Sir Walter Scott

“You endure fools gladly”

II Corinthians, The Bible

“How do I love thee? let me counting the ways”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

“The law is an ass”

Charles Dickens

“I am the understand of mine fateI am the captain of my soul”

William Ernest Henley