Which design template would finest fit a production of The storm in which Prospero is illustrated as a high school?

the theme of greed and betrayal.

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What is an example of a character depiction in the Balinese production of the tempest?

An instance of a personality depiction in the Balinese manufacturing of The tempest is ” Ariel is portrayed as a little creature through a long tail.” and also in the Balinese manufacturing of The Tempest, Ariel is portrayed as a little creature through a long tail.”

How is Caliban illustrated in the Utah valley University manufacturing of the tempest?

The Balinese manufacturing depicts Caliban together an animal-like figure, conversely, the Utah valley University manufacturing depicts him as a huge human through bull’s horns.

Which occasion most plainly contributes come the monsters hatred?

Answer: The event that most plainly contributes to the monster’s hatred of people is alternative D: Frankentein’s abandonment the his creation instantly after the receives life. The monster tells it’s story come his creator, Victor Frankenstein, when they satisfy on a hill.

What go the monster check out himself as various from the biblical Adam?

The correct answer is D: Adam came right into the people happy and protected, whereas the monster gone into the people confused and also alone. The biology sees himself as an additional Adam because he was created apparently united by no connect to any type of other being in existence.

What walk the monster aid Felix and also Agatha?

What go the monster carry out to aid Felix and Agatha? He tells them his story. That becomes your bodyguard. He takes treatment of their child.

Why did Justine confess come murdering William?

Terms in this set (9) Why walk Justine confess to the murder? Justine confesses to the murder of william so the she could be forgiven, by God, for all of the sins she had committed in she life.

How walk the creature feel ~ he killed William?

Immediately after killing William, the development is filled through a sense of joy and also power. The realizes for the very first time that he, too, has power. He has actually the strength to inflict pain and misery top top man, particularly Victor.

Why does Elizabeth blame herself crucible?

Why does Elizabeth blame herself for Johns Adultery? She blames herself due to the fact that she states she preserved a cold house all this years.

Why go Elizabeth’s decided hurt Justine?

Why does Elizabeth speech in court hurt Justine? Elizabeth decided in court damages just teen since it renders her seem choose a cold hearted person. Justine is revealed together a strong character regardless of her fast and also that that is a great religious person.

What walk Justine do about the accusations?

What walk Justine do around the accusations? She refuses to discuss them. She confesses to the murder. She make the efforts to operation away.

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Why walk the monster structure Justine?

Justine is top top trial for William’s murder because William’s locket include a photo of Caroline Frankenstein was uncovered in a bag of Justine’s clothing. Unbeknownst come Justine, the Monster planted the locket in she pocket to framework her for the murder.