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Yousef Abdelfattah
20 Jun, 1996
25 years
Leo, Aquarius, Libra
Youtuber, Entrepreneur, Esports gamer
5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Adriana Scaley$1.1 million
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Faze Apex is an American YouTube personality and a social media star. However, Faze Apex profit popularity as a co-leader that the call duty and uploads many YouTube videos relating come games.

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Table the Biography

Early life and Childhood

Faze Apex is right now 25 years old. He was born on June 20, 1996, in California, USA. His birth sign is Gemini. As he has actually not revealed information about his family, parents. He has actually an elder brother. Since his childhood, he keeps interested in the gaming field. Together he grew up looking in ~ YouTube gaming videos, his passion, and also interest progressively increases. And he started producing his own gaming videos from high school days.

Likewise, the belongs come American Nationality and also ethnicity is tho unknown. Similarly, his genuine name is Yousef Abdelfattah and also follows the Islamic religion. Also, he has actually two nephews.


Caption: Faze Apex posing v his Nephew (Source: Instagram)

Reflecting upon Faze’s educational history, there is no thorough information about the school, high institution university. However, he appears to have a good quality of education. He began his gaming interest because high college days.

Professional life

Furthermore, talking about his professional life Apex began uploading videos ~ above YouTube since his beforehand days. He uploads his first YouTube video clip in 2008. then he play his Call the the duty whereby his username to be Arrocity HD. Likewise, Thomas Oliveira works with with Faze Housecat and also Faze Resistance to form Faze clan.

His Youtube series are CHALLENGES, SKITS, and also PRANKS, #SQUAD, and Road come a Killcam. Among his most famous videos ~ above his channel is “FAZE BABY’S first TRICKSHOT.” His video clip was posted on July 23, 2016, and also has gained 12,798,919 views. He has featured his baby boy on the video.

Some the his other significant videos space “TRICKSHOT,” “HE failure THE PRESENTATION….,” “I join FAZE CLAN…,” “HOW TO be A HACKER!!,” “FAZE APEX plays AKINATOR,” and more. This videos has crossed countless views.

Currently, Apex is the Co-owner that enormously renowned Call that Duty sniping Clan and Faze Clan. Also, he has actually his own garments line. The is very to fans and aid them out and turns out to be a vast female fanbase (almost half of his followers and also subscribers space females). Therefore, he has actually gained an excellent popularity with plenty of subscribers ~ above his channel.


Caption: Faze Apex (Source: affair post)

Furthermore, in 2007 that became part of the advertising of an energy drink G-Fuel. Likewise, in 2019 he associated in advertising the supervisor Bowl.

Additionally, that is the owner that the Youtube channel Faze Clan. This channel is the world’s most subscribed gaming team. The channel was introduced on may 31, 2010. The oldest video clip on this channel to date is “FaZe Sniping Intro,” posted on might 31, 2010. This channel write-ups videos prefer Fortnite Montages, aZe agree Fortnite, #FaZeCast, #FaZeCast, Gumball 3000, FaZe house Hollywood, FaZe home Calabasas, FaZe home Austin, and also FaZe complete Throttle.

Unfortunately, Faze has actually not received any awards. No he has been nominated. However, the has gained much popularity with his gaming an abilities related come videos.

Salary, Income and Net worth

Reflecting upon Faze’s net worth, Salary, and Income, he has actually accompanied a good amount of money. He’s one of the YouTube videos the have much more than 2 million views. However, his approximated net worth is approximately $1.1 million. He has gathered from his clan and also social sites.

Likewise, the earns 787k -12.8k monthly native his YouTube channel. His annual salary is about $9.4k-$151k.

Personal life

Currently, Faze is single. The is no married yet. He is focusing on his career presently. Further, the is living a joyful and happy solitary life.

Being a famed YouTube star and also a renowned gamer, world want to recognize a lot about his an individual life. However, his details regarding an individual life remain under reviews. FaZe is very active on his society sites and also even shared many photos of a baby boy naming FaZe Baby. However, the infant is claimed to it is in his nephew. Newly he uploaded a photo of a brand-new baby v the caption “FaZe 2.0”.

However, he previously tweeted that he is happy in his Twitter account, however the reality is quiet to be unknown.

However, talking about his past relationship, he remained in a romantic partnership with Adriana Scaley for 2 years. They used to make YouTube videos together. Further, they finished up your relation in September 2016. Alex found her girl cheating ~ above him.

Caption: Faze Apex through his ex-girlfriend (Source: Vloggest)

Body Measurements and also Social media

Apex has an exceptional personality. The has got the right physical attribute i m sorry suits the better. Talking about his body measurements, he has a height the 5 feet 9 inches. And also he weighs roughly 73 kg (161 lb). However, there is no information concerning his body size. He has actually a black color hair color and has black eye color.

As Faze gift a society media star, that is socially energetic on social media choose Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and so on. Also, he has actually accompanied good fan followings.

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Likewise, Faze has roughly 2.4 million pendant on Instagram, approximately 2.48 million top top Twitter, and more than 150 k followers on Facebook. Furthermore, that has roughly 6.27 million subscribers on YouTube.