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Faze Rug Wiki/Bio

FaZe Rug was born Brian Awadis top top November 19, 1996, in mountain Diego, California. While the name of his parents space unknown, he defines them together Mama and Papa Rug in his movies. They space sometimes well-known as ‘Mama Rug’ and also ‘Papa Rug’. FaZe grew up with his brothers Brandon at san Diego like any kind of normal child and linked faculty after perfect his college education. He got hooked on video clip games as he couldn’t become a member of the university basketball team the sometimes impacted his various other pursuits.


During his school days, he to be naughty and mischievous and he constantly loved to play pranks ~ above others. He was likewise interested in share his exploits with various other people and began recording them. While he was in the an initial year that his institution days he noticed that the prank movies that he’d uploaded to his YouTube station had attracted a substantial number of viewers. He found he was able to generate a great quantity of money once he can get much more viewers because that his movies. So regarding devote more time come creating much more movies, he left school and got active in developing movies full time and also uploading them come YouTube.

FaZe Rug is unmarried and also isn’t dating anyone appropriate now. He’s preserved himself from all varieties of controversies in spite of getting well known in quite a brief period of time and earning numerous dollars because that his movies. He’s to be able to keep distance between his lovers and his personal life that has resulted in a many speculations about his girlfriends, sexual orientation, relationship, and his partnership with other men and women. In ~ the moment he’s an ext interested in developing as numerous videos as he can so he have the right to earn much more before stable down. He expects come become much more successful through his future movies and also looks forward to bringing an increasing number of viewers come his channel.


Faze Rug phone Number

FaZe Rug shot into prominence once people started viewing his movies on pranks he played on various other men and also women. He’d constantly wanted to have actually fun because that a schoolchild and also discuss his adventures v others. That awakened documenting his pranks top top movies but when he started to upload them right into YouTube did he uncover the satisfaction of sharing them totally with others. As he made much more and more movies ~ above pranks,’call-of-duty’ problems, and also vlogs, he discovered that people wanted to view a most these. That left college in the very first year and got down seriously to create videos. His movies have become really popular due to the fact that they seem very realistic together he uses a whole lot of techniques and skills in creating them. He’s an ext than 1.19 million followers on Twitter and also over 1.2 million followers approximately Instagram. At present, his net worth stands at $1.2 million roughly.

The success of getting a YouTube celebrity and earning huge money from a young period of twenty years has made Faze Rug an ideas for all youngsters who wish to make it large in your lifetime. His pranks videos room popular amongst the rest of the videos and people choose to watch him obtain away with all of his mischiefs. He’s associated his parents and his brother in lots of the prank movie he generates. The prank movie titled’Cocaine Prank’ has obtained a maximum variety of viewpoints (over 8.9 million). He’s earned countless dollars in a short duration of time that is a fantasy because that many youngsters aspiring to earn a big.

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Faze Rug contact Address, phone call Number, email ID, Website
Phone NumberNA
House deal with (residence address)San Diego, California, unified States
Official WebsiteNA
Snapchat IdNA
Whatsapp No.NA
TicTok Id
Office addressNA
Office NumberNA

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