Greenville, N.C., is located in the northern-central an ar of the eastern coastline of the state, about 85 mile from the state"s capital city, Raleigh, and also 87 mile to the west of the Atlantic Ocean. Travellers to Greenville room still able to gain the sandy beaches of the coastal shores of phibìc Carolina that space a quick ride far from the city of Greenville.

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Travelers to Greenville interested in spending some time in the sun and also sand can visit Atlantic Beach, located within the town of Atlantic Beach follow me the Bogue financial institutions of north Carolina"s crystal Coast. The beach has actually on-site lifeguards patrolling the area and also hosts countless recreational activities. Atlantic coast is likewise known together a primary location for scuba divers with internationally recognized reefs and dive zones.

Indian beach is situated along the Crystal coast of phibìc Carolina and also is in ~ 80 mile of the city that Greenville. The Indian beach is open up for swimmers year-round and also is the perfect ar to take it in some of the wildlife of north Carolina. Even if it is enjoying the waters throughout the heat months, or overlooking the dolphin-sighting zones and turtle-egg-hatching that are continuous occurrences ~ above the beach, Indian coast is a an excellent choice for travelers to visit.

The Wrightsville coast of the city of Wrightsville, N.C., is further away from Greenville, however well precious the drive. Wrightsville is a primary attraction for tourists throughout the state, and also the beach has many activities and amenities for travelers to enjoy. In addition to boating zones and also marinas, the Wrightsville Beach has fishing areas as well as swimming zones, and water sport rental shops follow me the boardwalk cater come those interested in surfing, wake boarding, or just playing on the sand.

Kure beach is located along phibìc Carolina"s Cape Fear coastline less than two hours away from Greensville. The Kure Beach bills itself together a family-oriented coastal town the is a good destination for travelers visiting alone, with far-ranging others, or v families. Plenty of beach tasks are available including a fishing pier and boardwalk that are open up year-round.

Carolina beach is located on the northern area of satisfied Island, N.C., and is a an excellent beach because that Greenville travellers to enjoy. The beach is situated in adjacent Kure Beach and has an active boardwalk and tourist industry, and lifeguards on-site.

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