While playing Fable, you"ll find Demon Doors everywhere Albion. These magical objects were produced for the sole purpose of guarding treasures. So you far better bet you"ll uncover some good stuff top top the other side that those doors.

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The catch is that each door has a necessity you"ll have to complete to open it. The challenge of these obstacles greatly varies from door come door. In total, you"ll conference 15 doors in Fable; however, the last three ones room exclusive come Fable: The shed Chapters and Fable Anniversary.

Demon Doors In Fable

The Library Arcanum

The Library Arcanum Demon Door and also the Elixir the Life next by side
Location: You"ll discover this door in Heroes" Guild, the Heroes headquarters located in the Guild Woods. The door will be close to the will certainly area.

The summary for this door reads:

"Your route is dark. Only a irradiate will expose it. And you room not glowing enough."

How to open it: This is quite self-explanatory; every you should do is rotate on the lamp you have in her inventory. However, friend should understand that in Fable, this door won"t open after you"ve accepted the try to avoid Jack of blades quest.

What will certainly you get: The price for opening The Library Arcanum is the book Making Friends, the publication of Spells, a Howl Tattoo, and the Elixir of Life.

The Arboretum

The Arboretum demon door and also the Wellow
Location: This door is situated in the region of Greatwood Gorge.

The description for the door claims that:

"This is the deal. You execute an action of an excellent evil in mine sight, and I"ll pop open."

How to open it: You have three alternatives here; you might be 100% evil, killing multiple civilization in former of the door or eat 11 Crunchy Chicks. However, before you do any kind of of that, make certain to talk very first to the door so it will pay attention to what you"re act (unless you"re play Fable Anniversary, there every Demon Doors will have their eyes open before you also speak to them).

What will you get: Opening this door will gain you the Wellow"s Pickhammer, a legendary choose hammer the deals 120 that damage and has a value of 29400 gold.

Darkwood Sanctum Demon Door and the Dark will User
Location: This door is located in the Darkwood Marshes area, i beg your pardon you"ll discover in the Darkwood region.

The description for the door says:

"Beware, traveler - i block the way to all however the many combat-hardened. If you request, mine Guardians will test your mettle in combat. Fulfill their challenge, and also the reward ns hide is yours."

How to open up it: This way all you have to do is efficiently kill the tide of summoned Hobbes.

What will certainly you get: You"ll get the Dark will certainly User"s Outfit, i m sorry is an evil outfit.

The Old Kingdom Spring

The Old Kingdom feather Demon Door and Will Master
Location: You"ll discover this door at Barrow Fields, a tiny trader outpost located between Darkwood and also Oakvale.

The description for the door says:

"Oh no, no again—another bony adventurer seeking come plunder mine riches. I"m not interested in your "meagre frame. Obtain some meat top top you! I desire beefy! Blubbery! Plump! Porcine! avoid being a slave to publicly perception, and also "treat yourself. Pies, meat, beer, anything, however lots of it! Eat you yourself large, and you"ll it is in welcome here!"

How to open it: To open the door, you"ll need to eat till your character is obese.

What will certainly you get: This door includes Will Master"s Elixir, a potion the will rise the mana friend have available to do Will attacks.

The secret Haven

The an enig Haven Demon door Fable
Location: friend can accessibility this door in the rose Cottage, a small region located at Greatwood.

The summary for the door says:

"I never open ~ above a first date. My heart has actually been damaged too numerous times before. I can only permit someone who really love me through."

How to open it: To open up this hopeless romantic door, you have the right to either gift the roses or chocolates or asking it come marry you. However, this last alternative is really expensive.

What will you get: The Bright will certainly User"s Outfit, a collection of clothes that protects against magic.

The Butterfly House

 The summary for the door says:

"I must see her Combat Multiplier get higher before i swing ajar."

How to open it: Speak v the door again when your combat multiplier is 14 or higher, and also it will certainly open.

What will you get: Cutlass Bluetane, a legend cleaver that deals 165 that damage and also has a base value of 40,425 gold.

Witchwood Cavern

Location: This one is situated at the Witchwood Stones area in Witchwood.

The description for the door says:

"I just open to those who know my name. If you understand it, find and also hit the magic stones come spell that out. Just one person knows my name, but I doubt you"ll discover him. Even at the holy place of Avo."

How to open up it: Don"t worry; you don"t have to go and also search for the door"s name; simply spell the word "Hits" through hitting the rocks.

What will you get: The health Augmentation (which regenerates the user"s health), chainmail leggings, gems, and books.

The surprise Copse

Location: This Demon Door is at Knothole Glade, a town situated on Witchwood island. You"ll uncover the door in a path that is southern of the shoot range.

The description for the door says:

"If you can hurt my face with an arrow, I"ll crack large open because that you."

How to open up it: Go ahead and shoot an arrowhead directly come the door"s face (just remember to usage a longbow or crossbow that has actually ebony high quality or higher). Girlfriend could additionally use the multi arrow spell or actors a level 3 fireball come the door"s face.

What will you get: The Elixir that Life.

The bitter Shrine

The summary for the door says:

"What? Oh. You"re not one of them, space you? my eyesight"s no what it provided to be. One was a gallant knight. His plate armor to be so shiny. More than likely what did my eye in. Then there was an evil mage, wore the darkest wonder robes you ever before saw. The last to be a rogue - a bandit little bit like the chaps here."

How to open up it: This method that to open that door, you"ll have to wear the Bright plate Outfit and talk to the door. Then use the Dark will User"s Outfit and also speak come the door again. Finally, undertake the Bandit Outfit and also talk to the door one last time.

However, friend should recognize that if you finish The last Battle and wear the Jack of Blades"s Mask, this item can"t it is in removed and will avoid you from equipping the Bandit Bandana, so opened the door won"t it is in possible.

What will you get: The Dollmaster"s Mace, a legend mace the deals 135 that damage and has a base worth of 33,075 gold.

Gibbet Woods

Location: This door is located in the Headsman"s Hill region, i beg your pardon you"ll find at the northwest the Gibbet Woods and just southern of Lychfield Graveyard.

The summary for the door states that:

"Only through defeating another Hero in combat will certainly I open up for you—got that? ns mean, how simple are you?

How to open up it: come do simply that, you"ll need to defeat Thunder throughout the pursuit "Mayor"s Invitation." keep in mind that if you choose to phone call the truth around Lady Grey"s deeds and not marry her, this door will become inaccessible.

What will you get: The Mana Augmentation (which fees mana faster), Thunder"s Helmet, and also a silver Key.

Location: You"ll discover this door in ~ the Grey residence that belongs come Lady Elvira Grey.

The description for the door states that:

"Single guys not allowed. You require a ball and also chain. A posh one with a title."

How to open up it: for this reason the only method you"re opening that door is if you"re married to Lady Grey. Just like with the vault door, if you decided not come marry Lady Grey, the door won"t be accessible.

What will you get: The Ronok the Axe, i m sorry is a legendary axe the deals 165 of damage and has a base worth of 43,424 gold.

Old Graveyard Path

Location: This door will certainly be in ~ the Lychfield Graveyard just outside the gates.

The description for the door says that:

"Leave me alone, friend organic pustule. I only open for Nostro, the ancient guardian the the door. No for you. And also not for that rancid gravekeeper."

How to open it: therefore you"ll see, the only option you have to open this door is to find and also grab the piece of Nostro"s armor and also then restore them come his skeleton.

What will certainly you get: You"ll gain access to the Old Graveyard Path and also the Bargate Prison.

Prophets" Chamber

This door will just be obtainable if you"re play TLC or Fable Anniversary.

Location: You can locate this demon door in ~ the Lookout Point.

The description for the door says that:

"You be afflicted with the mask that Jack of Blades. The Prophets had actually foreseen the resulting such a legend amongst Heroes. The climb of the summoners in the northern Wastes clues the arrival of a new threat come all things living. We have long dreaded this portent. Behind my walls lies the Fire Heart. Over there you will speak come the Prophets that watch end it. Girlfriend may enter now. But beware the the beating that the Heart. That has shed many prior to you."

How to open it: and also while girlfriend can go into the door already, you"ll have to successfully complete the puzzle so girlfriend can totally free or death the imprisoned Prophets and claim her reward.

What will you get: The Fire love (a quest item the summons the delivery of the Drowned)

Bleached Bone Island

This door will only be easily accessible if you"re play TLC or Fable Anniversary.

Location: You"ll uncover this door at the Necropolis.

The summary for the door claims that:

"I never ever wanted to be a Demon Door. Every this waiting around. All the riddles. It"s no life. Oh, if only I"d been born a Silver crucial chest. I simply love those tiny Silver keys. Therefore shiny...So silver... I"d perform anything for few of my own. Give me yours, please? I"ll let girlfriend through and everything."

How to open up it: This way that you"ll have to provide to the door all of your silver secrets (and yeah, girlfriend won"t be getting those back). However, if you don"t have any kind of solver keys, the door will accept the fact and open increase anyways.

What will certainly you get: The Bereaver, a legend greatsword the deals 285 the damage and has a base worth of 69,825 gold.

The Desolate Abbey

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This door will just be obtainable if you"re play TLC or Fable Anniversary.

Location: This door will be in ~ the Darkwood Bordello, located in the Darkwood area.

The summary for the door says that:

"It"s a difficult life being a stone door. You know when i last had actually a physics relationship? No? try "never." So, I"ve chose to live vicariously. Now, I just open to "men the the world," and I"m fear you haven"t even left the home yet. Come earlier when you"re a genuine stud."

How to open up it: So in bespeak to become "a real stud," you"ll have to have sex ten times, and the door will open.

What will certainly you get: The Pimp"s Hat, an item of clothes that looks comparable to the trader"s hat however purple.

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