What is the difference in between nouns "size" and "dimension". When I want to collection dimensions/sizes of an object which noun should I use?


You can discover both native in many of dictionaries. Together a physicist I would certainly not use the word "dimension" in a day-to-day life. Because that me, this is a mathematical term designated come a building of space. The noun "size" refers to geometrical properties of objects the surrounds us. Listed below are some daily definitions of the noun "dimension" from dictionary.com.

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a. Measure up in length, width, and thickness.

b. Scope; importance: the dimensions of a problem.

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Size :

Usual for everyday life, such as cloth size (L,M,S), freezer dimension (storage volume in litres), cup size (Large, medium)

Dimension :

Usual for design detail, such as dimension of a rectangle shoe box (length x width x height)



Dimension method size because that engineering, formally or informally, and also has a vector property associated with it. One can refer come the dimension "length" the a couch once buying furniture or ~ above a mechanically drawing creating it. "Size" is much more general. The words are synonyms; the is the intake which differs. I must disagree with our physicist friend concerning the usage of the word measurement in plain speech. World use it every the time once they are specifying the size property the day-to-day objects, specifically how they will fit right into a given space.

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What is the difference in between 'dimension', 'dimensional' and 'dimensionality'?
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