The main difference in between ethics and ethos is that ethics refer to a collection of moral values while ethos describes the character or personalizeds or a collection of attitudes and also values.

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principles is acquired from words ethos.

The 2 words ethos and also ethics room linguistically connected as castle share the very same etymology. However, in the present world, these two words are provided distinctly.

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1. What is Ethics  – Definition, Characteristics 2. What is Ethos – Definition, Characteristics 3. What is the partnership Between Ethics and Ethos – rundown of typical Features 4. What is the distinction Between Ethics and Ethos – compare of crucial Differences

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What is Ethics

The indigenous “ethics” originates from the Greek word “ethos” which method “character” or “custom.” Therefore, values combines the meaning of words ethos with the broader meaning of the word ethics. Principles refers to the set of moral values or a system of moral values for a particular culture or one institution. Merriam Webster defines ethics together “the discipline managing what is good and bad and also with ethical duty and also obligation.”

Hence, ethics differ follow to the individual, his social background, etc. However, ethics defines what space morally an excellent and agree from a majority of society.


For instance, the ethics in a certain society is originated through an alliance to your customs, traditions and spiritual beliefs together well. Hence, in this instance, ethos straight influences the formation of ethics. However, principles in a basic sense space those the are embraced universally; ethical ethics, etc.

What is Ethos

Ethos is a Greek word that has meaning such as “character” or “custom”. Originally, this word was supplied by Aristotle to describe a man’s character or personality; a mix of passion and caution. However, in ~ present, ethos describes the guiding beliefs and also values that distinguish a person, society or school from others. Follow to Merriam Webster, ethos describes the ‘the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution’.

Thus, ethos mostly refers come the core set of attitudes, beliefs, and also values that offers an identification to a person, community, institution, etc. Because that instance, the character identification of a details individual in a culture is a manifestation of that person’s outlook in life occurred through his social traditions, customs, and spiritual beliefs together well.


Another case is once the company values of a specific institution have the right to be identified from another; here, the is your attitudes and aspirations that contribute to formulating their service ethos. Hence, ethos deserve to be defined as the characteristic soul of a culture, era, or community as shown up by the attitudes and aspirations the its members.

Relationship between Ethics and Ethos

Both ethics and also ethos share the etymology from the Greek word “ethos”, meaning personality or custom. Moreover, values is obtained from the Greek word ethos.

Difference in between Ethics and Ethos


Ethics describes a system of ethical values for a particular society or an institution. On the various other hand, ethos describes the distinguishing character, sentiment, ethical nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.


Ethics room moral principles that deserve to be used as guidelines because that a person, society or an college while ethos explains the personality of the attitudes and beliefs that a certain person, culture or one institution. Thus, this is the key difference between ethics and ethos.


Another difference in between ethics and ethos is the the values have a global outlook while ethos is comparatively more customized because it mirrors the identity and also believes that can be distinguished from others.

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Ethics and also ethos space etymologically connected words. Moreover, principles can be established as being acquired from the Greek native ethos. Nevertheless, the difference between ethics and also ethos is that values refer come a set of moral values while ethos describes the character or personalizeds or a collection of attitudes and values.

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