Lithium hydride, stood for by the chemical formula LiH, is a crystalline or powdery not natural compound <1>. The alkali steel hydride has actually a molecule mass much less than 8 and also is the lightest ionic compound <1, 2>.

Lithium Hydride Identification

CAS Number7580-67-8 <1>
PubChem CID62714 <1>
ChemSpider ID56460 <3>
UN Number1414 <1>
ICSC Number0813 <1>
EC Number231-484-3 <1, 4>
RTECS NumberOJ6300000 <1>

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Lithium Hydride

How to do Lithium Hydride

LiH have the right to be synthesized by the reaction of heavy lithium with hydrogen gas, which is stood for by the complying with chemical equation <5>:

2Li + H2 → 2LiH

The reaction occurs promptly at temperatures end 600 °C, and also the productivity is raised to 98% <5>. The can also occur at 29 °C, however the yield is much reduced <5>.

Lithium hydride is additionally produced by combine lithium aluminum hydride and sodium hydroxide with metathesis in tetrahydrofuran (THF) <6>:

LiAlH4 + NaH → NaAlH4 + LiH

Reactions with other Compounds

LiH reacts through air to produce Li2O, LiOH, and Li2CO3, if it develops nitrogenous compound in moist waiting <5>. It spontaneously experience a chemical reaction through water which is provided as follows <5>:

LiH + H2O → Li+ + H2 + OH–

Lithium hydride reacts v sulfur dioxide to kind lithium dithionite in ~ a temperature above 50 °C <5>:

2LiH + 2SO2 → Li2S2O4 + H2

When it reacts through acetylene, the produces hydrogen and also lithium carbide <5>:

LiH + LiOH →Li2O + H2

Properties and Characteristics the Lithium Hydride

General Properties

Molar Mass/Molecular Weight7.948 g/mol <1>

Physical Properties

Color and AppearanceOff-white, gray, or translucent; irradiate bluish-gray lumps in advertisement product <1>
OdorOdorless <1>
Melting Point680 °C, 1256 °F <1>
Boiling Point900-1000 °C, 1650-1830 °F (decomposes) <1>
Density0.76-0.8 g cm-3 <1>
State of matter at room temperatureSolid <1, 4>
SolubilitySomewhat dissolve in dimethylformamide; it reacts with diethyl ether, ammonia, and ethanol
Solubility in WaterReacts <1>
Magnetic Susceptibility (χ)-4.6 X 10-6 cm3/mol
Heat capacity (C)3.51 J/(g.K)

Atomic Properties

Crystal StructureOctahedral cubic (NaCl-type) <7>

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Lithium Hydride Structure

What is It used for

Synthesis of hydrogen due to the fact that LiH has the highest possible H2 content of any type of hydride <4>Manufacturing catalysts used for polyolefin plastics <8>Missiles, aircraft, and also rocket fuel <8>Degasification, deoxidization, and also desulfurization in the metallurgical sector <8>Shielding and taking in neutrons in mobile nuclear reactors, used along with lithium-7 <9>

Is that Toxic

Repeated call or overexposure can reason acute wake up of skin, mucous membranes, and also eyes <1>. Once burned, it forms irritating alkali fumes <1>. LiH creates dust clouds that might explode when they come in call with heat, flame, or oxidizing products <1>.