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author Harper Lee brings up the novel, The Gray Ghost, as soon as again in the last pages that TKAM. The Gray Ghost is the same book that Jem had won top top a bet from Dill much earlier in the story, and it is the an initial book that Atticus happens...

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Author Harper Lee brings up the novel, The Gray Ghost, as soon as again in the final pages the TKAM. The Gray Ghost is the same publication that Jem had actually won ~ above a bet from Dill much earlier in the story, and also it is the very first book the Atticus wake up to check out in Jem"s room while he watches end his son adhering to the assault by Bob Ewell. Atticus was currently halfway through reading the book to himself--"One of the few things ns haven"t read," he stated pointedly--but he conveniently turned back to the beginning and began reading aloud to Scout, that he knew necessary a good night"s sleep ~ the events of the lengthy evening.

... I was perplexed by his amiable acquiescence. He was shrewder than I, however: the minute I sat down I started to feel sleepy.

Lee ties in a symbolic connection between one that the book"s characters, Stoner"s Boy, and Boo Radley. Stoner"s Boy, prefer Boo, had actually been accused of acts because that which he was innocent; and, like Boo, he additionally turned out to be good, not evil--a fact which the sleepy enlightenment recognizes.

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"... They didn"t recognize what the looked like, an" Atticus, once they finally saw him, why that hadn"t done any type of of those things... Atticus, he was real nice..." "Most human being are, Scout, when you finally see them."

The fine rain the falls exterior serves to to wash away the last vestiges of Scout"s youthful innocence, changing her outlook that the neighborhood and giving her a new and much more mature watch of the little world roughly her. The rain made "the street lamp look fuzzy," and also she unexpectedly "felt really old" together the mist served to intermix her remembrances that the events of the previous two years v the new light in which she currently saw the things approximately her.