Of every the microorganisms, bacteria are the best threat come food safety. Bacteria room single-celled, living organisms that can grow quickly at favorable temperatures. Part bacteria room useful. We use them to make foods items like cheese, buttermilk, sauerkraut, pickles, and yogurt. Other bacteria are infectious disease-causing agents called pathogens, that usage the nutrients discovered in potentially hazardous foods items to multiply.

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Some bacteria are not transmittable on your own, yet when they multiply in perhaps hazardous food, castle eject toxins the poison humans when the food is eaten.

Food dealing with practices room risky once they permit harmful bacteria come contaminate and also grow in food. If you touch a food during preparation, you may transfer several thousand bacteria to its surface.

Under the appropriate conditions, bacteria can dual every10 to30 minutes. A single bacterium will twin with every division—two become four, four become eight, and so on. A single cell can come to be billions in10 to12 hours.

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Following have the right to be taken into consideration as threats to food safety:-

1) Improper warehouse of food (such as place, temperature, far from rodents & pests etc...)

2) Improper dealing with of food, during preparation procedure (such together cutting, chopping, slicing etc....)

3) using expired commodities (which could affect the quality and health)

4) Unhygienic techniques (such as no washing hands, using gloves, using chef"s cap (toque) to stop hair indigenous falling right into the food etc...)

5) save cooked food external for a long time after preparation.

6) Improper intake of vessels while food preparation ( i.e., not food preparation food in the right vessels)

7) no washing food fine (as it might contain pesticides)

8) Improper transport of foodstuff in ~ the best temperature.

Preventive activity can be taken on all the above points, by complying with safety standards.


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