Did you know that in addition to having actually alluring beaches and a captivating culture, Cuba additionally has a rich biodiversity and also is home to thousands of endemic varieties of flora and also fauna? In the Cuban archipelago exists over thirteen thousand animals, numerous of which deserve to only be uncovered in Cuba. The federal government takes defense of our endangered varieties and habitats really seriously. This island is not just a dream destination for vacationers, yet for biologist’s together well; they are lured by the unspoiled dry ecosystems and federally protected biospheres and also reserves where plants and animals totally unique to Cuba flourish. Here are simply a couple of of the animals endemic to Cuba that you may be lucky sufficient to watch on your visit.

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Cuban Trogon (Tocororo)

The Cuban Trogon (Priotelus temnurus) is the Cuban national Bird. Not just does this bird have actually the colour of the Cuban national Flag, but likewise this bird, indigenous the quetzal family, has a certain quality the Cubans identify with: it can’t be in captivity due to the fact that it will certainly kill itself trying come escape. This characteristic provides it one-of-a-kind and also for Cubans a price of freedom that makes all of us proud.


Cuban Trogon screens the colour of the Cuban flag

Santa Maria Boa

The Santa Maria Boa (Epicrates angulifer) is an outstanding Boa Constrictor very similar to those that exist in Africa that have the right to reach the size of 6 meters or an ext and this is among the reasons why the african slaves cut the head that the animal once they experienced it. This line is a source of food because that peasants that hunt it for nourishment and to collect its oil, offered as a home remedy come treat ailments including asthma and hemorrhoids.

Conga Jutia

The Conga Jutia (Capromis pilorides), additionally known together Desmarest’s Jutia, is one of the more than 10 species of Jutias the inhabit the Island. This mammal is recognized as gigantic Rat and also is actually component of the Tree Rat household species. That is between 20 and also 60 cm long and weighs about 6 kg. In addition, this Cuban rodent is among the most renowned pets in the Island and detailed sustenance to the rebels while they to be fighting in the Sierra Maestra Mountains. Newly in an answer to the food shortage in Cuba, a federal government official suggested this animal could again it is in a good meat source.

Cuban Crocodile

The Cuban Crocodile (Crocodylus rhombifer) is an endangered species and among the oldest pets in Cuba. Over there are roughly 6 thousand of them and they live just in the Zapata Swamp Biosphere Reserve. This croc get 4 meters long and is an extremely aggressive. In my opinion that is the most dangerous pet in the country, happily you won’t discover it the end of the swamp.


Cuban Crocodile. Photo Credit: Mirko Zanni Getty pictures (Scientific American Magazine)

Brown Snail

Finally, I current to you a usual mollusk native the mountainous areas of Pinar del Rio named Zachrysia Guanensis. This soil snail has a shell about 4 centimeter in diameter through a beautiful brown color, it is just one of the largest on the island. The was collected by the about 60 areas of Guanahatabeyes ind that lived in Pinar del Rio around five thousand year ago, they to be hunter gatherers and fisherman. They would certainly collect the snails, leave them in the sunlight to dry in stimulate to remove potential toxins, and then eat them.

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