Entity and attribute are the most common terms of DBMS. The an essential difference in between the entity and attribute is the an entity is an object that exists in a real-world and also can be easily distinguished amongst all other objects the real-world whereas, the attributes define the features or the properties of an reality on the basis of which the is easily distinguishable among other reality of the real-world.

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In the relational database, we collection the data in the type of a table. So, the rows the a table stand for the entities of the same kind and the columns the a table are thought about as attributes of the entities existing in that table. In this section, us will discuss some more differences in between an entity and attribute v the aid of a comparison chart. We will likewise discuss entity and also attribute in brief.

Content: reality Vs Attribute

Difference Chart

Basis of DifferentiationEntityAttribute
BasicAn entity is a distinguishable real-world object that exist.An attribute defines the elementary function of one entity.
Relational Data ModelIn the relational data model, an entity is represented as a document in an reality set. In the relational data model, a ar represents an attribute.
TableA heat in a database table is one entity.A shaft header of a database table is one attribute.
GroupingEntities of similar form are inserted in one reality set/table.Group of qualities that quickly identifies a tuple forms a key.
RefinementAn entity have the right to be a tangible reality or an intangible entity.Each attribute has a specific domain and also it might be involved in creating a key.
ExampleA student tuple in a student table in the database represents an entity.Name, role number, Id, Address, these areas of college student table presents the attribute of student entity.

What is reality in Database?

An entity is a distinguishable real-world ‘object’ that exists. Things should not be taken into consideration as an ‘entity’ till it have the right to be easily figured out from all other objects that the actual world. In a database, only that ‘thing’ or ‘object’ is taken into consideration as an entity around which data have the right to be stored or retrieved. As if you are not able to store data around some object or if you room not going to retrieve data around some object climate there is no suggest in developing that entity in a database.

The entities sharing the same set of properties or same set of characteristics are preserved in one entity set i m sorry is additionally known as a relation or a table in the relational database. An entity in an entity set is stood for by the sequence of features values i beg your pardon is simply a succession of values hence, the is additionally called as a tuple.

In the relational model, each entity sets are stood for by a table. So, each row of a table in the database to represent an entity. The is vital that a table should not save duplicate entities together it will bring about ambiguity. Each entity in a table must be uniquely determined which method two reality in a relation, need to not save the same set of values for the same collection of attributes. One entity deserve to be anything the exists in real-world prefer it can be a person, thing, place, object, event, etc.

An reality is further classified into two types, i.e. tangible entity and also intangible entity:

A tangible entity is one i beg your pardon physically exists in real-world. Such together a person, student, bank locker, etc. Are examples of tangible entities, we can touch them together they physical exist.An intangible entity is one which exist logically in real-world such as bank account, reservation, email account etc. Prefer a tangible entity, we can conveniently identify the intangible reality such together a financial institution account has an account no. Using which us can easily identify that bank account, however we can not touch it, together it doesn’t exist physically in the real world.

The figure below shows the reality in the college student table:


As you deserve to see in the figure above we have five entities in the student table. Though we have actually two students with the same name ‘Jhoson’ we can easily distinguish amongst them because they have actually a distinct role number. So, we conclude the the entities space the real-world objects that are quickly distinguishable.

What is Attribute in DBMS?

Attributes describe the qualities or properties of an reality in a database table. An entity in a database table is defined with the ‘fixed’ set of attributes. For example, if we have actually to specify a student reality then we can define it v the set of characteristics like role number, name, course. The attribute values, that each college student entity, will specify its qualities in the table.

In a relational database, we save data in the type of tables. The column header the the table represents the attributes. A table must not have duplicate attributes. Each attribute in a table has a particular domain which allows it to expropriate a particular ‘set that values’ only. In an entity, each attribute is permitted to have only one worth which could be a number, text, date, time etc. (defined in SQL standard).

Attributes have further refinement such together keys. A single attribute or a collection of qualities that can distinguish an reality in an entity set/relation is termed as key. In the database, we have a primary key, at sight key, composite key, international key. All of them are developed with a certain purpose come normalize a relationship in the database.

Observe the figure listed below it reflects the attributes of the college student table:


As you have the right to see in a college student table we have three features Roll No., Name and Course. The attribute values of each college student entity define its qualities in the table, i beg your pardon in turn help us to identify each student entity in the student table uniquely.

Key Differences between Entity and also Attribute

The simple difference in between entity and also attribute is the an entity is a distinguishable real-world object that exists, whereas attribute explains the elementary features of an entity.In the relational database design entities space termed together record and also attributes space termed as fields.In the relational database model, we save data in the tables. So, the rows the table denote the entities and also the column header of the table denotes attributes that an entities in a table.An entity can either it is in a tangible reality or an intangible entity. On the various other hand, the refinement of characteristics includes the domain of attribute and key attributes.The entities sharing the same elementary properties (attributes) are grouped in one entity set. The set of features that can identify an entity in a table is grouped to form a key.The entire information the a solitary student in a student table to represent an entity. The name, role no, food parameters that type the finish information the a student space attributes that the student entity.

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So, the object the exists in the real world can become an entity only once it is easily identified among other objects of the real-world. And also the characteristics that allow an entity to get determined easily are referred to as attributes. Reality in a database are figured out on the basis of worths its qualities possess.