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The Latin root word clud and also its variants clus and clos all typical “shut.” these roots are the word beginning of numerous English vocabulary words, consisting of exclude, exclusive, and also closet. As soon as you include someone, friend “shut” the in, thus performing the action of inclusion, in order to closing or “shutting” him into your group.

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cludshut, close
eused for spelling and pronunciation

To occlude miscellaneous is come “thoroughly closeup of the door or close” it.


re-back, again
clusshut, closed
eused for spelling and pronunciation

A recluse is “shut back” indigenous the rest of the world.

Don’t Shut down “Clud”

The Latin root word clud and its variants clus and also clos all typical “shut.”

Humans love come “shut” things and also people both in and also out. When you include someone in a group, friend “shut” him in. Once you exclude him, friend “shut” that out. Once you conclude the an idea is correct, you have actually thoroughly “shut” any kind of debate top top the issue of the truthfulness. And a secluded area? the is “shut” except civilization.

The spelling variant clus also method “shut.” A recluse has actually “shut” himself back from civilization, to like solitude. He wishes to live in seclusion, “shut” except society. His exclusion, or “shutting” the end from society, would certainly be ~ above a purely voluntary basis. That is hard to know exactly how a hermit arrives at together a conclusion, or plot of thoroughly “shutting” out all possibilities except one, in this example of wanting complete solitude.

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A spelling different of clus is clos, i m sorry also method “shut.” when you close a door, girlfriend of food “shut” it. Once you enclose something, girlfriend “shut” it in. As soon as there is closure at the finish of a novel, the plot is every tidy and “shut,” the is, all loose ends room accounted for. And also if someone you know is closed-minded? His mental is “shut” to brand-new ideas.

Time for me come “shut” up around clud, clus, and clos, otherwise Santa “Claus” may carry me nothing however "clutt"er and “clothes!”

include: ‘shut’ in exclude: ‘shut’ out conclude: extensively ‘shut’ seclude: ‘shut’ apart recluse: human ‘shut’ earlier from civilization seclusion: a ‘shutting’ apart exclusion: a ‘shutting’ out conclusion: a thoroughly ‘shutting’ close: ‘shut’ enclose: ‘shut’ in closure: a ‘shutting’ the something, such together a publication or college year closed-minded: having actually a mind that is ‘shut’ to new ideas