The Lion King: 13 things You didn’t Know about Timon and also Pumbaa "What type of pets are Timon and Pumbaa?" and more questions about the 2 beloved Lion king personalities answered here!

Side through side images of Pumbaa and Timon smiling in The Lion King 1994
The Lion King may have been exit in 1994, yet it is safe to say that the film has actually not aged a job in the hearts and minds that Disney fans. So lot so that the mouse House decided to carry this story ago to life in a 2019 work again, please again starring Donald Glover and Beyonce.

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Despite the reality that Timon and also Pumbaa are practically universally lover Disney characters, fans perform not know a lot around them. With so lot excitement and nostalgia neighboring The Lion King once again, that is time come revisit part facts around two of its most necessary characters and also learn much more about them.

This might come as a shock to numerous The Lion King fans, however Nathan roadway (who voiced Timon) and Ernie Sabella (who voiced Pumbaa) were initially lugged in to audition because that the functions of the hyenas in the movie. However, the film’s directors were apparently worried the Lion King was turning out to have actually too dark the a tone.

After Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella auditioned for Disney, the studio began to acquire different principles for the movie as a whole. Throughout an interview v the Huffington Post, Sabella explained: “There to be something in our ad-libs the made <The Lion King director> i get it think that we could maybe be the voices of these comic characters that hadn’t even been emerged yet.” all in all, that is for sure to say the the idea because that Timon and Pumbaa source from Nathan Lane and Ernie Sabella’s audition for the duties of the hyenas.


we all recognize that “Hakuna Matata” defines not only what this catchphrase in reality means, but likewise provides a little bit the backstory as to where Pumbaa come from. When we have all come to accept this wonderful, fun track as that is… that still begs the question: why no we also get Timon’s backstory?

As the story goes, “Hakuna Matata” originally did have whole verse explaining Timon’s backstory, i beg your pardon sounds just like the verse around Pumbaa. However, the verse to be eventually reduced out the the song because it was considered to be as well long.

This may come as a surprised to many, but Pumbaa in reality holds the an extremely important title of being the first-ever character to fart on display in a Disney movie. It is right: before The Lion King in 1994, no personality had ever farted in an animated feature developed by Disney.

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It is safe to speak that, if over there was ever before a character that was able to break the stigma of happen gas in a Disney film, the was certainly Pumbaa.

10 TIMON discovered THE green JUNGLE PARADISE whereby THEY LIVE

You know the green jungle paradise whereby Timon and also Pumbaa live, whereby they present Simba to “Hakuna Matata” and eat slimy points for dessert? Well, follow to The Lion King 1 ½, it was Timon who uncovered that incredible place.

After 1994’s The Lion King, it was implied the Timon and Pumbaa relocated to Pride absent to be alongside Simba in his kingdom. However, the Disney Channel television collection Timon & Pumbaa took place practically entirely in the jungle, definition that these personalities moved back eventually. Fun fact: in the Kingdom hearts II game, it is established that the lionesses the Pride absent knew the this jungle paradise, yet were clogged by Scar to move there.

many of the words and also character names offered in The Lion King came indigenous the Swahili language, which is taken into consideration the common language of various parts that Africa, consisting of Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, to name a few. For example, “Hakuna Matata” comes from Swahili, whereby it literally method “no worries.”

Like plenty of other names and terms in The Lion King, “Pumbaa” is likewise a word in Swahili. Follow to translators, “Pumbaa” method things like “lazy,” “careless,” and even “ignorant.” Needless to say, Pumbaa’s name was really painting a snapshot of what the character would be.


that is not uncommon for fictional characters to have complete names that fans were never actually mindful of. The is because, many times, animated movie only focus on a character’s an initial name, make it simpler for audiences to remember it.

Because Timon was occurred as a personality that had Jewish ancestry, it provides sense for his name to have actually a Jewish origin. In the Disney Channel spin-off series Timon & Pumbaa, it to be revealed the Timon’s center name is Leslie and also that his last name is Berkowitz. In the very same TV series, that was also revealed the Pumbaa’s last surname is Smith.

one of the many memorable Pumbaa moment in The Lion King is as soon as the personality rubs his ship as he, Timon, and Simba are stargazing and discussing what the stars in the sky really mean. Well, it turns out that the inspiration behind Pumbaa’s belly-rubbing came from animator Tony Bancroft’s pregnant wife, who offered to obstacle her ship that precise same method while he was functioning on the film.

According come Tony Bancroft, Pumbaa rubbing his belly is one of his favourite scenes in The Lion King. Throughout an interview with MovieWeb, the animator stated, “It was something that i thought included a tiny life to and also made it more relatable.”

6 TIMON has actually TWO recognized RELATIVES

also hardcore Disney fans have failed to clock The Lion King 1 ½, but a many Timon’s lift was actually revealed during that film. Because that example, the is currently canon the Timon has actually two recognized relatives: his mother, i m sorry is officially recognized as Ma, and also his uncle, that is called Max. However, the is not clear come audiences even if it is Uncle Max and Ma room siblings or in-laws.

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Ma is a caring and supportive mother who fears for Timon’s security but also wants him to success in life. Uncle Max is an ext of one irritable character that is frequently scared and negative, frequently reminding Disney fans of one early-on Marlin from Finding Nemo.

though it may seem odd to many much more diehard fans, there are a surprising amount of civilization out there that simply don"t understand what animals the two characters are. Not to mention quite a few younger pan who room still learning about the natural people through fun and memorable movie like The Lion King.

Pumbaa is figured out by himself in the movie together a warthog. Castle are large pigs the are aboriginal to Sub-Saharan Africa, and also are, therefore, a logical selection of animal to view in the movie"s setting.

4 WHAT type OF pet IS TIMON?

Timon, top top the various other hand, is a meerkat, a small mongoose known for its tendency to live in large groups and stand top top its hind foot to watch the end for danger. They"re likewise natives of southerly Africa choose warthogs and also therefore no odd animals for the area.

Obviously, specific liberties are taken through the realities that the animals, and also not everything about Timon"s depiction as a meerkat in the movie is strict accurate, as our following entry delves into...

it is really common because that animated studios to change specific things about animals in stimulate to make them work for the big screen. One major change the the team behind The Lion King decided come make early was to do Timon go on his two hind legs together opposed to following the really physicality that meerkats.

That is because, in the genuine world, meerkats actually walk top top their 4 legs. They only stand on their two hind legs when surveying their surroundings, and then continue to walk on all fours as soon as again. In The Lion King, however, Timon is mostly seen walking prefer a human being.

2 SETH ROGEN and BILLY EICHNER were THE first CHOICES because that THE 2019 REMAKE

director Jon Favreau was no shy about making the clear the Beyonce was his an initial choice for the duty of Nala, however many human being may not realize the the director already had a clean vision because that Timon and also Pumbaa in the 2019 remake of The Lion King.

From the get-go, Jon Favreau want Billy Eichner and also Seth Rogen come play Timon and Pumbaa, respectively. However, that casting decision did no come easy. For instance, the manager asked Eichner and also Rogen to go to a black-box theater and run v the whole script three times, the last of i m sorry without having the script on hand.

the is pretty conventional for studios to conduct individual sessions as soon as recording the voice of an actor because that an animated feature. Essentially, this means that nearly every one of the dialogues the you’ve watched in an animated movie were videotaped at different times and also then edited together.

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However, that was not the situation for Nathan Lane and also Ernie Sabella in the 1994 version of The Lion King, and that was yet again not the instance for Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen in the 2019 remake. In both cases, Disney actually requested for both actors to document their scene together, in the same room and at the exact same time.

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