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How do I pair my multi-channel remote control Herefor a tutorial.

My remote isn"t working after I changed the batteries, what carry out I do?-Please reach the end to united state atinfo
stclairdrake.netto request a replacement remote.


My AquaBot shed its tail, what execute I do?-Please reach out to united state atinfo

My VEX Robotics kit is absent a piece. Exactly how do I acquire the piece I need?-Please send an email toinfo
stclairdrake.netwith the adhering to information:-Part number (if your hands-on does no have part numbers listed, you re welcome visit theVEX part Guidefor a complete list)-Quantity needed-Your mailing address


Where have the right to I buy batteries for my offer AG13/LR44 batterieshere!

What kind of battery does my nano® take? nano® supplies an AG13/LR44 battery

What sort of battery does my BattleBot take?- every BattleBot provides (2) LR44/AG13 (3) AAA

How execute I readjust the batteries in mine come the "Battery Change" switch on every page, which shows exactly how to adjust the batteries.(Beetle,Inchworm,nano®,Spider,Larva,Scarab,Strandbeast)

Battery safety Tips-Never leave batteries sitting out. Save all batteries out of a child’s reach, and also safely secured far from children.-Do no let a child readjust or attempt to readjust batteries. When changing batteries, do so the end of a child’s sight.-Do no attempt to pry batteries out of a toy v a steel object.-When storing backup batteries, please ensure the they remain in their original packaging. Wherever backup batteries room stored, execute not permit button cell batteries to sit in direct call with other button cell battery or steel objects.-Do no leave switch cell batteries that have actually been gotten rid of from your packaging laying around.-Properly dispose of batteries that are no longer in use.-For additional information, visitConsumer Reports


Can I acquisition a particular nano® or AquaBot color?-Styles and also colors room selected randomly in ~ time that shipment based upon availability. Us recommend visiting a local store to choose a particular color or style.

My nano® spins in one -- what can I execute to resolve this?-To correct a an insect that is rotate in one – try tweaking the foot on the side that it is turning (i.e.- if it transforms left, correct the left legs). To execute this,VERY GENTLY(to avoid pulling castle off) large the guideline of the former one or two legs in small increments. This have to correct its movement.

My Beetle go in one -- what deserve to I execute to fix this?-To correct a Beetle that walks in circles, monitor the accuse onthis document(pdf).

What computer system firmware is compatible with my VEX IQ?-You can examine if your computer firmware is compatiblehere.

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Are your commodities compliant v the consumer Product Safety development Act the 2008?-Yes, our product heat is compliant; certificates for each bug can be discovered on our digital assets web page at

May i submit a new product idea or concept?-Check out see just how to submit your ideas!

What are your ordering, warranty and return policies?-Visitour plans pageto learn more.