We’ve involved the conclusion the the earth isn’t level nor spherical: the heart-shaped! sustaining this geological finding space the 185 towns around the human being named ~ Valentine’s job themes. Through names choose Heart’s Delight, La Rose, lover Leap, Valentine, and others, what’s not to love?

We favor to think all of these communities were named in respect of the February 14th holiday. However, some obtained their namesakes elsewhere. What we are confident about is the at least the most common Valentine’s Day town names were selected through the February 14th vacation in mind. We’re additionally pretty details the U.S. Says with numerous sweet towns and the in its entirety countries v heart-eyes because that their town names must have actually chosen lock on instead of of Valentine’s Day.

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View Valentine’s Day city Names in a full display map

We acquired our lovely data from the Accuracy Project. You can sort by the most usual Valentine’s Day town names or find more information about them below.

Most typical Valentine’s Day city Names

There are 70 unique town name that have ties to Valentine’s day on the map. However, seeing together we mapped 185 complete towns, there have to be part overlap. So, i m sorry Valentine-related town names room the most common? discover the names in the double-digits below.


Diamonds room a girl’s ideal friend for this reason it makes sense that towns named Diamond room the most common. There space 23 Diamond towns throughout the world. Four are located external of the United states while 19 are within. Additionally, there are six towns with Diamond-adjacent names. These include Diamond City, Nevada, both Diamond Corner and also Diamond Valley, Barbados, Diamond Creek, Australia, Diamond Harbour, India, and also Diamond Rock, Honduras.


Just together you’ll discover no shortage that daisies in stores roughly February 14th, there’s likewise no shortage that towns called Daisy, all of which are located in the U.S. Alabama is house to 2 Daisy towns, and also using stclairdrake.net’s measuring tool, we were may be to identify the distance between the two. The communities of Daisy in servant County and Daisy in Etowah County, Alabama are practically 170 mile apart. In total, there room 14 towns called Daisy (an apt number considering the February 14th holiday) yet that doesn’t encompass towns choose Daisy Hill and Daisy Park, Australia.


You’ll discover 12 out of the 13 towns called Valentine in the U.S. Nebraska’s city of Valentine was called for Edward Kimball Valentine, a judge and also three-term Republican Congressman who represented Cherry ar from 1879-1885). Another Valentine town, Valentine, Arizona, is significant for being among the historical locations you deserve to still uncover on route 66.

Valentine, Arizona

The one global town of Valentine is situated in Midi-Pyrenees, France. Various other similarly-named towns are those named Valentines (with an s). There are two towns dubbed Valentines, the very first in Brunswick County, Virginia and also the second in Treinta y Tres, Uruguay. Climate there room the global towns choose Valentine Island and also Valentine Plains, both situated in Australia, along with Valentine Creek, Maryland and Valentines Beach, new York.


Rose is the last usual Valentine’s Day city name. There are twelve towns through this name, nine of i beg your pardon are situated in the U.S. And also two the which room in the state that Idaho. Similar to the 2 Daisy towns located in Alabama, we were curious exactly how close Bingham County’s Rose and Caribou County’s increased were to each other. The answer, many thanks to the map’s measure up tool, is around 95 miles. There are likewise towns called Rose in Croatia, Italy, and also Pakistan, together with over a dozen various other Rose-related towns like:

Rose HallRose HarbourRose Hill x4Rose LakeRose PrairieRose valley x2Roses x3Roses Well

The last city name ~ above the perform above, Roses Well, Nevada was initially a stagecoach stop on the ras Vegas to Beatty route. Located southeast that Beatty, it was exit in 1919. For much more historical truth from end 100 years ago, inspect out 100 year Later: significant 1919 occasions Mapped Out.

Other flowery town names incorporate Bouquet, Carnation, Flowers, Orchid, and Lily. Lily, south Dakota was started in 1887 and also named because that Lily, the sister the Ross Parks, the town’s very first postmaster.

U.S. States Struck by Love for Sweetly-Named Towns

Virginia may be for lovers as their town Love (located in Augusta County) proves, yet there are various other states residence to much more romantic towns than the four in Virginia. Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, and also Kentucky are the claims with lots of lovely town names.

Tennessee is house to eight towns through names pertained to Valentine’s Day. They encompass Arrow, Daisy, Flowers, Gift, Love Lady, Loveville (historical), mount Juliet, and also Romeo. We’re left wondering if the city of Romeo enlists the communities of Arrow, Daisy, Flowers, and Gift come unite with the town of Love Lady.

Then there room the 7 Valentine’s day towns situated in Alabama. These incorporate Candy (historical), Daisy x2, Diamond, Flowers, Love Hill, and Valentine. Yes sir no doubt Daisy is among the most typical Valentine’s Day city names; it’s currently appeared three times in 2 states. Alabama’s other usual town names include Diamond and also Valentine.

There are additionally six lovely communities in Oklahoma: Cupid (historical), Daisy, Loveland, Loving, Romance, and also Rose. Favor Oklahoma, Kentucky additionally has six towns called after Valentine’s work themes. These encompass Arrow, Daisy, Diamond, Lily, Love, Loving.

Countries with Heart-Eyes because that Their town Names

Overall, the map reflects that the U.S. Is saturated v sweetheart communities (136). But which international countries are also engaged v Valentine’s Day, so lot so they name their towns after it? while it depends on if the country celebrates the holiday or not (find the end via the Valentine’s day celebrations roughly the world map), there clearly are a couple of countries v heart eye for your towns based upon some of their names.

Canada boasts 7 lovingly-named towns, many of which are called after mind or roses, favor Heart’s Delight, Heart’s Content, and Heart’s Desire or rose Harbour, increased Lake, and Rose Prairie. Australia is residence to 5 towns called after V-Day, most of which are are pertained to daisies or Valentine, such as Daisy Hill and Daisy Park and also Valentine Island or Valentine Plains.

Four sweet towns are situated in Jamaica while both Honduras and Barbados are residence to three. South Africa, India, Haiti, Guyana, and also France each have actually two Valentine’s work towns, and also there room 17 other countries that have actually one each.

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Well, sweet! currently that you recognize all the beloved towns named for Valentine’s Day, you can package up her Valentine’s work cards (pre-stamped) to the the next sweetheart town. If friend send them come the postmaster with a note, they deserve to be postmarked and stamped from areas like Valentine, Arizona. Or you can just it is in tickled pink you acquired Valentine’s Day facts to her heart’s content. Speaking of V-Day facts, learn an ext about the urban that break the bank on Valentine’s Day as well as 36 hours of #love: mapping Twitter and also Instagram Hashtags.