therefore I'm sure a most you have wondered 'when does The Outsiders take it place'? At least I have. So, here we go!

We know it clearly takes place in the year 1965. Back this wasn't in the book, S.E. Hinton stated so it s her (and you can kinda tell through all their weird slang). We additionally know the it's set in Tulsa, Oklahoma (and how would we know this, again? It's not stated in the publications at all...)

But what month? Well, we understand it's in the fall by the usage of this quotes:

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"The park was around two block square, v a fountain in the middle and a little swimming pool for the small kids. The pool was empty currently in the fall, however the fountain was going merrily. Tall elm tree made the park shadowy and also dark, and also it would have been a an excellent hangout, yet we wanted our vacant lot, and also the Shepard outfit chosen the alleys down by the tracks, therefore the park was left to lover and tiny kids."


"No," I claimed slowly. "Darry, I'm not ever before going to have the ability to make up the school I've missed."

So it's a autumn month, and a school month. No to at an early stage in the fall, since the kiddy-pool is currently shut down for the winter. A few more clues are in Sodapop and also Ponyboy's dialogue.

"Seventeen," Soda claimed softly. "I'll it is in seventeen in a pair of weeks."

This should give us the answer: Sodapop's birthday is October 8th, for this reason obviously the publication is collection in late September, right? Well...not exactly. This quote indigenous Ponyboy throws us off:

"This is mine fault," Johnny stated in a miserable voice. He had stopped crying when I started. "For bringin' a little thirteen-year-old kid along. You should go home. Friend can't obtain into any trouble. Friend didn't kill him.""No!" i screamed at him. "I'm fourteen! I've to be fourteen for a month! and I'm in that as much as friend are. I'll avoid crying in a minute . . . Ns can't help it."

So Ponyboy has been fourteen for a month by the time The Outsiders bring away place. Yet Ponyboy's birthday is July 22nd.

So I'd say, since Ponyboy's date of birth is late, and Sodapop's birthday is early, (and since they were probably offering rough approximates of once their birthdays were, not the actual quantity of time,) that The Outsiders takes places round late August to early September (probably the later, though).

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So yeah.

A/N: Not favor anyone would certainly really treatment or anything, but just incase you to be curious! ;)