appears over there is some confusion amongst our Facebook household on the stall bedding in ready for foaling. Together there is more than one way to shoe a horse, there are numerous ways to bed a stall in preparation for foaling. The an essential is in expertise the “why” no the “what”.

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So why use straw? Let us explain:

Protects The health and wellness Of The Mother

Straw is a time-tested bedding yet it is a tradition more than it is the ideal way. Straw is widely supplied for foaling and the reason we foal on straw is due to the fact that shavings are frequently dusty and are much more abrasive should they it is in inadvertently pulled right into the mare’s reproductive tract. Throughout foaling, the is not uncommon for the foal’s legs to arise only to retract earlier into the birth canal as the convulsion subsides. Shavings grounding on the foal or an ext specifically the amnion are then introduced into the mare and also again, in ours opinion are much more abrasive than straw.

It is often thought that straw is offered as a benefit to the foal, as soon as it is actually provided to safeguard the mother. In fact, straw bedding since it’s much less absorbent makes it more challenging for a foal to was standing for the first time. The challenge is compounded on mats bedded with straw as they end up being wet and slippery. This is why us recommend transitioning come pine shavings as quickly as the birth procedure is complete.

The typical comes to of inhaling dust, acquiring shavings in your eyes, or eating the shavings are no different than the health involves we have for all steeds on shavings. Over the years there have actually been involves for a details bacterium well-known as Klebsiella being a hazard to the foal. This bacter is an ext likely found in oak shavings. Regardless of what bedding is used, regular sanitary methods will aid your foal stay healthy. Therefore, as shortly as foaling is complete it is for sure to remove straw bedding and also lay under pine shavings.

Healthy Foal Checklist

So, if shavings aren’t a significant concern what must we issue ourselves with? among the most necessary things you have the right to do before the infant is born is to monitor a pregnant mare treatment program with your veterinarian. ~ the foal is born, take these measures to defend the health of your foal:

1.Make sure to salary close attention to cleanliness and remove soiled bedding immediately.

2.Treat the navel with antiseptic to prevent contagious contamination.

3.Insure fast (if not immediate) gulp down of colostrum.

4.If the foaling walk normally, together outlined in the 1-2-3 rule (, have the foal evaluate the next day by her veterinarian come confirmed good colostrum antibody transfer.

5.Follow the recommended vaccination and exam schedule for the first year.

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Take away Message

The reason we usage straw come bed foaling stalls is to defend the mare. What a foal’s stall is bedded with is lot less necessary to its health than adhering to the indict in the healthy and balanced Foal Checklist. Similar to everything, knowledge the “why” permits us come adapt and still produce a great outcome for both mare and also foal.