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Sheryl Swoopes, left, to be the 2000 WNBA MVP, and Cynthia Cooper, right, winner her fourth straight WNBA Finals MVP award together the Comets won the critical of their four titles.Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images
Ranking the WNBA championship teams is choose trying to decision which spectacular s sunset is the best. Each champion it s okay the same trophy and title, a designation that can never it is in taken away. But in this silver- anniversary season, v the organization soon come crown its 25th champion -- the Chicago Sky and Phoenix Mercury accomplish in game 2 the the 2021 WNBA Finals on Wednesday (9 p.m. ET, stclairdrake.net/stclairdrake.net App) -- we placed the champs in order.

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In September, we ranked the WNBA franchises, i m sorry took into account the entire background of every organization, with extra weight provided to those that have stood the test of time. Here, we looked at every title team top top its own merits, unconnected to the all at once successes and also failures the its franchise. Amongst the biggest obstacles was ranking champs from the same franchise who were consisted of of mostly the very same players. Is one of Houston"s 4 consecutive title teams demonstrably better than the others?

And, the course, similar to our ranking that the 25 biggest players in WNBA background last month, over there is much more than one method to assess the data. stclairdrake.net"s Mechelle Voepel ranked the teams based upon discussions v coaches and players roughly the league -- and old-fashioned subjectivity.

stclairdrake.net"s Kevin Pelton ranked the former champs one v 24 utilizing a comparable statistical design to the one he arisen to determine the NBA"s height teams. Based on the predictive strength of suggest differential, the starts with that mark in the regular season. He then added playoff suggest differential and changed it because that the regular-season performance of the opponents each team faced en course to the location so regarding give much more credit for beating another powerful foe than a lesser competitor.

There room two vital differences indigenous the rating Pelton offered for the NBA and also the WNBA version. First, rather of providing equal load to beat in the continual season and playoffs, that weighed every of them by gamings played to identify the better variability in the much shorter WNBA postseason. Second, because the WNBA hasn"t gone with as numerous different eras, the did not usage an adjustment for quality of play in a provided season.

Ultimately, these room rankings where being at the bottom isn"t much various than being at the top. They"re all champions.

1. 2000 Houston Comets

Regular season and playoff records: 27-5, 6-0Defeated the new York Liberty 2-0 in Finals

Pelton as whole rank: 2RS differential: +12.8.5 (1st among champions)PO rating: +21.5 (6th among champions)Rating: +13.0This to be the critical of Houston"s four consecutive location teams, the end of the Comets" variation of "Camelot." In 2000, the WNBA to be at 16 teams and most of the previous ABL players were in their second year in the league. Sheryl Swoopes won her an initial of three MVP awards and two-time MVP Cynthia Cooper played her last full season at period 37.

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As was the situation with the various other Houston championship teams, the stars brought them: Swoopes and also Cooper averaged 35 minutes a game, Tina Thompson 34 and also Janeth Arcain 30.5. Fifth starter, Tiffani Johnson (22.2), to be the just other player who averaged at the very least 20 minute a game. With 3 future room of Famers (Cooper, Swoopes, Thompson), Houston didn"t need lot statistically from its reserves. The Comets" bench football player knew your roles, and also the team knew exactly how to win. This title ended the dynasty -- the Los Angeles Sparks to be ascending -- however what a finish. -- Voepel

The Comets weren"t the height seed in the playoffs. Regardless of the best differential in league history, Houston finished one game back of the 28-4 Sparks prior to sweeping Los Angeles in the best-of-three conference finals. Five of the Comets" 6 playoff wins come by eight clues or fewer, however all three of their opponents went 20-12 or better during a top-heavy year where the league expanded by four teams. -- Pelton

The Seattle Storm"s 2020 championship team had actually incredible in its entirety depth and chemistry, and also led the WNBA in offensive and also defensive rating.Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

2. 2020 Seattle Storm

Regular season and also playoff records: 18-4, 6-0Defeated the las Vegas Aces 3-0 in Finals

Pelton as whole rank: No. 1RS differential: +11.5 (4th)PO rating: +21.5 (1st)Rating: +13.7Bringing ago the same core the won the 2018 title right into a balloon season significant by opt-outs of numerous stars, the Storm gotten in 2020 as hefty favorites. Seattle wasn"t the No. 1 seed in the playoffs, shedding a tiebreaker to ras Vegas, but dominated v veteran allude guard Sue Bird back in the lineup. After a COVID-19 fear postponed their opened semifinals game, the Storm never looked back, walk 6-0 in the playoffs with 5 of the 6 wins through double-digits -- consisting of a 33-point blowout come close out the Aces. -- Pelton

Bird, part of all 4 Storm location teams, has ruminated over which that them was "best." Lauren Jackson was the superstar the the 2004 and also 2010 Storm title teams; her counterpart in 2018 and 2020 was Breanna Stewart. Bird claimed an edge goes to the very an in similar way constructed 2018 and 2020 teams due to the visibility of security Jewell Loyd. Bird then offers a nod come the overall depth and chemistry come the 2020 Storm, who were an initial in the league in offensive and also defensive rating.

"The method we shoot 3"s, the method we moved the round -- if you took something away, we"d just keep that moving," Bird said. "We talked before every game that we were going come wear teams out with the pace that we played." -- Voepel

3. 2013 Minnesota Lynx

Regular season and playoff records: 26-8, 7-0Defeated the Atlanta Dream 3-0 in Finals

Pelton all at once rank: No. 7RS differential: +9.4 (7th)PO rating: +15.2 (3rd)Rating: +10.4Editor"s Picks