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This city is created by Alfred Noyes. In my previous post, I have actually shared Daddy dropped into the Pond Stanza wise Summary so, you can examine that post as well.

Daddy dropped into the Pond inquiries & Answers

Word Galaxy

Dismal – dullDaft – foolish, sillySheer – absoluteGrumbled – speak angrilyRespond – laugh

Question 1: explain the day when the family members had unable to do out.

Answer: The skies was grey and not clear and also bright. There to be boredom and none had much come say or do. The day was uneventful and there to be nothing to look forward to.

Question 2: What is supposed by ‘there appeared to be nothing beyond’?

Answer: Here in the poem, ‘there seemed to it is in nothing beyond’ way that there was nothing else to do yet to wait to see the job ending.

Question 3: What was everyone doing just prior to daddy fell into the pond?

Answer: Everyone was simply grumbling before daddy fell into the pond.

Question 4: just how did the youngsters react?

Answer: Their deals with grew merry and bright. Timothy danced for sheer pleasure when daddy dropped into the pond.

Question 5: Why go the kids need the camera?

Answer: They required a camera come click pictures when Daddy was crawling the end of the duckweed.

Daddy fell into the Pond questions & Answers

Question 6: who danced because that ‘sheer delight’? What walk the expression mean?

Answer: Timothy danced v ‘sheer delight’ as soon as daddy fell into the pond. It method that Timothy’s joy was total and absolute.

Question 7: What else did Timothy who ‘danced because that sheer delight’ do?

Answer: Timothy clicked a snapshot of dad trying to crawl out of the duckweed.

Question 8: Why do you think the gardener shook silently?

Answer: The gardener shook silently with laughter.

Question 9: who else laugh to check out daddy’s plight?

Answer: The male duck, who the poet describes as the ‘old drake’ laughed to see daddy’s plight.

Question 10: to fill in the blanks:

(a) Daddy fell into the pond.(b) children shouted to take it picture of Daddy.(c) Timothy danced out of delight.(d) The duck quacked together though they were daft.

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Question 11: compose the synonyms the the following:

(a) Ordinary – common(b) Maximum – most(c) Join – unite(d) Minimum – least(e) Reply – answer

So, these were Daddy fell into the Pond questions & Answers.

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