Grammy-nominated Christian artist Kari Jobe got a "taste of heaven" at she wedding ~ above Friday, wherein she gained married to her praise colleague and best friend Cody Carnes.

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While a wedding is one of the most far-ranging days in a person's life, the bible recorded that Jesus performed a miracle of transforming the water right into wine at a wedding banquet, signifying a life through God just gets far better and much better as time passes.

As because that Jobe, she wedding verified her a glimpse of what sky is like. "I'm married!!! Yesterday was much more than a dream, much more than a fact - it was a taste that Heaven," she wrote on society media a job after she wedding.

As a Christian, Jobe believes that God, that is Jesus Christ, lives in the believers, and also that His visibility is presented through the holy Spirit, i m sorry is the true and also unconditional love. The 33 year old testified that this delight that she's dreamy of, yet was better than what she imagined.

"I've chose that God loves weddings. His visibility was stronger than I've ever felt in my whole life," she composed on Saturday.



Her comment testified the the God's loyalty in fulfilling His guarantees as created in the scripture. In June 2013, Jobe provided an advice come young girls and single women during an interview in ~ the K-Love pan Awards.

"God's timing is perfect, you know, and also everyone's wade through things that they're having actually to trust the lord for His timing," she said. "My favourite scripture verse is Psalm 27:14, it says: 'Wait ~ above the Lord, it is in of great courage and also He will strengthen her heart.' So, I know that He's had me wait. I'm in my 30s appropriate now, friend know, He's had actually me wait because His time is perfect."

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Besides relenten the jubilation that she felt, Jobe thanked she loved ones and also friends who were over there at the wedding and had to be "supporting what God is law in mine life - and also now mine husband."


(Kari Jobe/Facebook)

While the wedding just lasted because that a day, Jobe and her brand-new husband deserve to expect to suffer the an initial miracle that Jesus carry out of turning water into wine as they proceed to serve God through their mutual presents of music and as one unit in marriage.

Jobe is the worship pastor at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. She has previously won two Dove Awards and also has been nominated for a Grammy in 2012 for "Where I discover You" as Best modern Christian Album.

Jobe very first released her debut album "Throneroom Worship: Live Acoustic Worship" in 2004. She came to be internationally famed after releasing she self-titled album "Kari Jobe" in 2009, i m sorry shot come No. 67 on the Billboard 200 list, and No. 1 on iTunes' Christian music chart, and No. 3 on Billboard's Christian music chart. A Spanish-language variation of the album to be released under the surname "Le Canto".

Her husband, Carnes, is a prayer pastor and also artist v Gateway Church in Arizona.

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On in march 25, Jobe released her recent album, "Majestic," and also her tour schedule have the right to be discovered on she website.