(Times because that Tokyo)The time of sunrise and sunset in Japan are influenced by the country"s moderate northern position in the hemisphere. No as extreme as in the joined States, but still noticeable. The job in summer are long and in winter short. Through up to about 14:40 hrs the longest days are in Juni. Meanwhile the longest dark nights happen in winter (in the southerly hemisphere that is the other way around). In Dezember a night in Tokyo last almost 15 hours.In these days the sun in Tokyo rises in ~ 6:09. The early on sunset at 16:40 makes the day at this time a bit too short.Back come overview: Japan

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Average size of daylight in Tokyo

sunshine term twilight phase

Sunrise and sunset in the most crucial cities that Japan

The cities room ordered by their geographic position from east to west, therefore in an approximate direction the the sunlight course. Since the orbit the the sun is elliptical, sunrise or sunset never occur on a whole longitude in ~ the same time. Every data given for November 9th., localtime in Japan
CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
Sapporo06:17 am04:19 pm10:01 h
Sendai06:09 am04:30 pm10:21 h
Chiba06:07 am04:38 pm10:31 h
Kawasaki06:09 am04:40 pm10:31 h
Tokyo06:09 am04:40 pm10:31 h
Saitama06:10 am04:40 pm10:30 h
Yokohama06:09 am04:41 pm10:32 h
Niigata06:16 am04:39 pm10:23 h
Hamamatsu06:15 am04:50 pm10:34 h
Nagoya06:19 am04:52 pm10:33 h
Kyoto06:24 am04:57 pm10:33 h
Osaka06:24 am04:58 pm10:34 h
Sakai06:24 am04:59 pm10:35 h
Kobe06:25 am05:00 pm10:34 h
Okayama06:30 am05:05 pm10:34 h
Hiroshima06:36 am05:11 pm10:35 h
Kitakyushu06:41 am05:19 pm10:37 h
Kumamoto06:40 am05:21 pm10:41 h
Fukuoka06:43 am05:21 pm10:38 h

MonthSunriseSunsetHours the daylight
Januar06:48 am04:52 pm10:03 hFebruar06:26 am05:23 pm10:57 hMärz05:50 am05:49 pm11:59 hApril05:07 am06:15 pm13:08 hMai04:34 am06:40 pm14:06 hJuni04:23 am07:00 pm14:37 hJuli04:35 am06:59 pm14:24 hAugust04:58 am06:32 pm13:34 hSeptember05:22 am05:50 pm12:28 hOktober05:46 am05:07 pm11:21 hNovember06:15 am04:36 pm10:20 hDezember06:42 am04:30 pm9:48 h

Where does the sun increase in Japan?

The sun constantly rises in the east, everywhere and also regardless the the country or continent. The easternmost city in Japan is Nemuro in the prefecture of Hokkaido. There, the sun rises at 6:01 am and sets at 4:01 pm these days. The latest sunset is currently experienced in the west in the city of Ishigaki (Okinawa) in ~ 6:00 pm.

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CitySunriseSunsetHours of daylight
Berlin (Germany)07:15 am04:24 pm9:09 h
New York (USA)06:33 am04:45 pm10:12 h
Sydney (Australia)05:46 am07:31 pm13:45 h
Manila (Philippines)05:53 am05:26 pm11:33 h
Moscow (Russia)07:50 am04:35 pm8:45 h
Shanghai (China)06:14 am05:00 pm10:46 h
Helsinki (Finland)08:02 am04:06 pm8:04 h