The windows Registry is the construction database for operation system and programs. The device registry records are really important; as soon as a paper is absent or damaged errors will certainly occur. This post discusses exactly how to address the instance when the system registry file is missing.

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Please permit stclairdrake.net Solution aid you in such a dilemma.

What is system registry file?

The registry, additionally known as home windows registry, is in reality a hierarchical database that low-level settings, options, information, and also other values of the software and hardware set up on the operating device (OS). The registry is no a single huge file; instead, it"s a collection of discrete files called hives (each has a it is registered tree). Both the an equipment configuration and also user preferences can be reflect in the file.

Where room the home windows registry files?

In fact, a brand-new subkey will be created and saved in the mechanism registry anytime a brand-new application is installed. The connected settings of that app are contained in the file: location, version, size, and also so on. Usual registry hives locations:

HKEY_USERS \UserProfile : \winnt\profiles\usernameHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM : \system32\config\systemHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SECURITY : \system32\config\securityHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE : \system32\config\software

Windows gives you v a it is registered Editor to make transforms to the it is registered files.

Windows Failed come Load: device Registry file Is missing or Corrupt

While searching the internet, ns suddenly discover there are lots of world talking about the trouble system registry paper is missing. Your computer will display the mechanism registry record is absent or contains errors top top a black/blue display screen during the booting procedure. Then, you will do it be blocked the end from the system, which way you need to restore the it is registered in bespeak to access the OS successfully.


A large number that users claimed they were seeing the error message: Windows 7 failed come load due to the fact that the device registry record is absent or corrupt. The reality is that the device registry file is lacking or corrupt error is no exclusive to windows 7. Girlfriend may additionally encounter that in windows 8, windows 10, and also even windows XP. And the error password after status room not all the same.

Extended reading:

You can additionally see the missing operating mechanism error post on a black color screen and also don’t know how to solve this since it will protect against you native accessing the operation system. Please read this page to recognize what happens and also how to address it.


Causes of missing Registry papers Windows 10/8/7/XP

You might see the complying with error messages on a black color or blue display screen of the computer.

Windows failed come load since the system registry record is missing. Or corrupt.The operating mechanism couldn’t be loaded since the mechanism registry document is absent or contains errors.Windows could not start due to the fact that the following document is absent or corrupt: \windows\system32\config\SYSTEM.


What reasons such an error blog post to appear?

Reason 1: the windows registry is corrupted or damaged.

As discussed above, the home windows registry is an essential database in Windows. It might be damaged due to many factors, together as power supply getting interrupted, disk creating errors, human error throughout the registry configuration, and also virus invading into the computer.

exactly how To Recover documents Deleted through Virus Attack!

Reason 2: the BCD data is ruined.

There is no denying the the BCD (binary-coded decimal) data plays an important role in an operation system. Anytime the BCD data is corrupted, an underlying booting trouble will appear to reason the mechanism registry document error:

system registry paper is missing or corrupt\windows\system32\config\system is absent or corrupt…

Reason 3: the startup configuration of the computer is not correct.

As ns said, the BCD data is critical for a system. Therefore if the dorn BCD data is liked for the computer startup process, the mechanism registry document missing will present up. And also this difficulty is an ext likely to happen when you have collection up a double boot system. In this case, girlfriend can access Windows advanced Options food selection to select the critical Known an excellent Configuration throughout startup.

Reason 4: the system document is broken.

Some users also reported that system file corruption must be blamed for the missing system it is registered file. In this case, you should run tools like DISM and SFC to work out down the system file corruption. If the case is even an ext terrible, you have actually no an option but to reset every OS component through a repair install or a clean download process.

When the registry entries are needed by her system?

You are adding or an altering the place of the latest hardware piece.You room installing a brand-new program or remove an old program on her computer.You were making use of a trial variation of an application before and now have to upgrade it to a purchased copy.

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How come Fix absent Registry files in windows 10

#Fix 1: use A restore Drive

The very first method to introduce for mechanism registry paper missing/Windows System32 Config System lacking is making use of a recovery drive. This could be the best way to fix the issue. What carry out you require to create a restore drive? 2 things space essential: one more PC running the exact same operating system (OS) and also a USB drive.

How to develop a recovery drive and use the to deal with the registry paper missing error?

Start another computer v the very same OS and make sure it’s totally functional.Connect her USB stick to this computer and also click windows search on the taskbar.Type recovery drive and choose produce a recovery journey under setups in the find result.Choose Yes to enable changes from recovery Media Creator (please skip this action if such window doesn’t appear).The Recovery drive wizard will appear; you re welcome follow the instructions to finish creating the restore drive.Remove the USB drive and connect it to the problem computer.Enter BIOS to adjust the boot sequence in bespeak to boots from this USB drive.Look because that the Refresh pc or other similar options and also select it.Wait for the recovery to finish and restart the computer if necessary.


Can’t go into BIOS when the fast boot is enabled?

In this case, you have to reboot your computer 3 time in a heat to avoid quick boot and also enter BIOS settings. Then, friend should change the boot order come make pc boot native the recovery drive.

#Fix 2: use Bootable mechanism Installation Drive

The error message indicating the lacking registry papers in home windows 10/8/7/XP provides a 3 action solution itself:

Step 1: insert home windows installation disc and also restart computer.

Step 2: pick language settings and then click Next.

Step 3: click Repair her computer.

So, utilizing a device installation drive is an effective technique for solving Windows System32 no found.

What perform you have to fix the an essential registry error v the system installation drive? 3 things are essential: another PC that functions fine, a USB drive v at the very least 8 GB cost-free space, and the Media development Tool.

How to develop a USB installation media and also use it to solve the error?

Connect the USB drive you have prepared.Run Media production Tool and also click Accept.Choose Create surroundings media (USB speed drive, DVD, or ISO file) for one more PC.Check USB speed drive and click Next.Check Use the recommended choices for this PC and also click Next.Remove the USB drive and connect it to the problematic computer.Access the Boot food selection by pressing a particular button (vary from computer to PC) and change boot order.Select Repair and choose a recovery option.Wait for the recovery to complete.


Sometimes, girlfriend realize over there are valuable data ~ above the USB drive after it was made into an environment drive. Please affix it to a PC and follow the measures mentioned top top this web page to recoup them.

#Fix 3: use Bootable CD/DVD or USB Drive

There are many human being saying they must use the data included in the non-bootable computer. Because that them, to recover data native the difficult drive that fails to boots becomes the top priority.

What execute they need? Also, 3 things room essential: another PC that deserve to work, a preventive USB journey or a CD/DVD disc, a hard drive/SD map or any kind of other exterior storage device, and also stclairdrake.net strength Data Recovery. You re welcome be advised the you require to choose a license that has the snap-in WinPE Bootable Builder after looking in ~ the comparison page).

How to produce a bootable CD/DVD disc or a bootable USB drive?

Connect the USB journey or insert the CD/DVD to one more PC.Get and also run stclairdrake.net strength Data Recovery.Click ~ above the Bootable Edition icon to operation stclairdrake.net Media Builder.Click WinPE-based media v stclairdrake.net plug-in.Choose the media destination and also click Yes in the pop-up window.Wait because that the decaying building process to end.Click Finish and remove the bootable disk native the present PC.


How to recoup data from interior storage as soon as your computer won’t boot?

Connect the bootable disk and the external storage an equipment to your computer system with an error.Enter BIOS to collection it to boot from this disk.Follow the instructions until you see the stclairdrake.net PE Loader window.Click the first option to launch the recovery software.Select Logical Drives and point out a partition to find for records on it by click Scan.Wait for the scan and check the papers you need.Click ~ above the Save button to choose the external device and then click OK.Wait for the recovery to complete.



stclairdrake.net enables you to shot the software before purchasing; simply click the following button to download.

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#Fix 4: Reboot computer to the critical Known an excellent Configuration

Reboot and also wait because that BIOS to complete short article (the display screen with manufacturer logo and/or system information).Press F8 ~ above the key-board repeatedly until the initial display of progressed Boot alternatives appears.Look for the Last Known great Configuration (advanced) option and select the by using the arrowhead keys.Press Enter come confirm and wait because that your computer to boot.


#Fix 5: usage Bootrec.exe to deal with Boot Sequence

Insert a valid installation media (if you nothing have, please create one).Restart the computer system to see the initial windows installation window.Select Repair her computer (in the bottom appropriate or the bottom left corner).Select Troubleshoot under the advanced Options menu.Choose Command Prompt.Type bootrec.exe /fixmbr and hit Enter.Type bootrec.exe /fixboot and also hit Enter.Type bootrec.exe /scanos and hit Enter.Type bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd and also hit Enter.Wait because that these commands to complete.


#Fix 6: operation SFC and also DISM to fix System record Corruption

Repeat step 1~5 in solve 5.Type sfc/scannow and hit Enter.Wait for the scan come complete.Reboot PC. If the difficulty persists, please go into Command Prompt again.Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth and hit Enter.Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth and also hit Enter.Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and also hit Enter.Wait because that them to finish and also reboot the PC.



The Command note tool have the right to be also used as a an excellent tool to recover shed files.

#Fix 7: do A Clean/Repair Install

If every the above methods failed, friend still conference the exact same error, you must reset every windows component v a clean install or a fix install.

Please psychic to recoup data indigenous the inner storage first by making use of the procedures mentioned in solve 3.

If the above methods have actually helped you solve the system registry paper error or the data recovery software application have uncovered back vital documents for you, please share them the end to help more people. Many thanks for your kindness!Click come tweet


If you have actually read the above content carefully, girlfriend should know that the system registry paper is lacking or corruption error is not as horrible as friend think. There are many advantageous ways to solve the corrupted registry records in windows 10/8/7 and also even windows XP.

What you must do as soon as such error really appears on your pc is to continue to be calm and follow the procedures in each technique to shot to fix the corruption yourself.

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