How to acquire started v the college CMS (Content monitoring System).

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Accessing CMS

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To gain accessibility to CMS, one employee have to attend CMS training and also complete the CMS evaluation.

At the end of CMS training, an evaluation of short answer inquiries will it is in administered. The evaluation will it is in self-graded and is intended to be a discovering tool. Our score is for everyone to pass.

The testimonial is easily accessible here:

Creating a brand-new page

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Click the button on the ideal hand side of the display titled “site.” once the “site” switch expands that will expose a “browse” button beneath. Click the “browse” button.

Navigate come the folder in the folder framework that friend would favor to develop a page inside of.

Inside of the folder click the orange circular switch in the upper ideal hand corner. The button will expose a list of options. Choose “page.”

A dialogue box will show up that asks friend what web page asset form you would like to use. Select 0 page Asset

In the location field get in the surname of the page. This will certainly autopopulate the URL course name v the exact same language be separate by dashes. Please protect against using dates in the URL course name. Please do not usage numbers such together 1, 2, 3, etc. To provide your URLs distinct names either.


In the “Site or Folder” field please navigate come the folder whereby you would prefer your web page to it is in created and select it.


Please select a theme from the drop under menu.

Click Save and Publish ~ above the menu located on the best hand side.

Your web page will open and also you will be able to start including content to her page.

In the upper right hand side of the display click “edit.” This will certainly lock the page for editing and enhancing automatically and also the lock symbol will rotate orange.

Scroll under the page and also you will see 2 blue boxes with circular orange icons that have plus signs on castle in the upper ideal hand corner of the boxes. Click the orange icon and select “content” indigenous the menu.

A home window will show up that offers you the option to search for a item of content by the name. You have the right to search for content if the content that you are placing ~ above the page already exists. If the contents does not exist and you require to create a brand-new piece of contents click the orange button with a add to symbol in the upper best hand corner of the window and pick 0 content (Generic). When you finish those steps you have the right to now develop a brand-new piece of contents for your web page.


Editing content

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Navigate to the page you would like to edit. Twin click top top the page.

In the upper ideal hand next of the display click “edit”. This will lock the page for editing and enhancing automatically and the lock prize will revolve orange.

hover your mouse over the block of content that you wish to edit. On hover you will certainly see three white symbols show up in the upper appropriate hand corner of the block of content. These 3 symbols space two horizontal lines, a pencil symbol, and also an X symbol. Click the pencil prize in order to edit the content.


Update the location of the content to incorporate the department/office name, a quick description the the page, and also the month/year that the content is gift edited. For example:

- - CMS training - centimeter - April 2020Alumni - classics - march 2020Staff navigation - Library - December 2019

Make certain the Host ar is updated. You deserve to do this by click the dropdown and navigating through to the folder where your content is at this time stored. This requirements to it is in a folder you have permissions to - if that is not, you will obtain an error message once you try to conserve the content. The default is this demands to it is in changed.


Make the desired adjusted to the human body of her content. Note: This can be done v WYSIWIG watch (with alternatives displayed at the top similar to Microsoft Word), Code see (with code appearing in colors) or plain view (just the code). Keep in mind that her closing tags will certainly autopopulate if girlfriend make transforms in code view.These choices are situated at the lower left hand corner of the human body section.

Click the “Save” button on the best side of the screen to save your changes.

To publish her changes, you need to open the contents again, and select “Send for Review” The content will then it is in reviewed by someone in the Communications and Marketing office and also either be published as is, edited and also published, or we might content friend if there are any type of other issues.

Working v hyperlinks

Watch working v hyperlinks video

Click on the attach icon top top the top food selection of the WYSIWYG

You now have two options:

Option 1: For inner links, you can browse because that the page you desire to connect within the website tree the CMS

Click ~ above the icon indicated in the screenshot below to open up up the site internet browser tree

Browse top top the left hand side through the folders to whereby the web page you want to connect is save

Select the web page you want to attach from the middle/right hand side of the display screen

Select “Save / Publish” ~ above the appropriate hand next on the screen. Your page is currently linked.

Option 2: For outside links, or if you know the interior link, you have the right to paste the link within the home window that opens.

Paste the outside or internal attach within the URL ar of the home window that opens.

For interior links, you deserve to leave turn off and include all the follows, for example: /about/offices/ees/adding_a_hyperlink

For external links, get in the complete URL: Choose “Save / Publish” ~ above the appropriate hand next of the screen. Your page is now linked.

Inserting pictures

Watch inserting images video

See the section on Uploading legacy to include images to the CMS so the they are easily accessible to add to your pages.

Resize and also upload your picture to the appropriate folder (each office and department has an pictures folder - in the folder, friend will uncover a folder labeled by year).

Open or create the content that you wish to edit.

Place your cursor wherein you want the picture to be.

Select Insert indigenous the WYSIWYG menu and also click top top “Insert Image”

Click the browse button to the best of the source field.

Locate your image and also select it.

Update the image an option field with message that accurately defines the image.


Use the advanced to add styles, horizontal, and vertical space. Execute not add borders.

Select yes

Make the image responsive:

Switch to password view setting in the WYSIWYG.

Locate the code for your image, it will certainly look favor this:


Remove the width and height attributes.

Linking come PDFs

Watch linking to PDFs video

See the ar on Uploading assets to add PDFs to the CMS so that they are obtainable to connect from your pages.

Open or develop the contents that you great to edit.

Highlight the text you wish to link. Make certain it is specific reflection that the PDF you are linking to.

Select insert native the WYSIWYG menu and also click on “Insert Link”

Click the browse button to the best of the URL field.

Locate her PDF and also select it.

Update the title field with text that accurately explains the PDF.

Select ok

Working v tables

Watch working with tables video

Tables have the right to be duplicated to the visual (WYSIWYG) editor either from a appropriately structured Word record or from UNL’s Responsive Table Generator, or they can be created by hand in the code editor.


Uploading legacy

Uploading photos

Watch uploading pictures video

Resize your picture so that it is the maximum dimension that it will display, frequently no more comprehensive than 800px.

Navigate to the images folder in your main folder and then to the current year folder in that folder.

Right click the folder to disclose the menu.

Select new “Image or File”


When the pop-up window loads, make sure it claims 0 - paper Asset and then click on “select” - this must be the default.

When the next display screen loads, click the “Browse” button and find your image on her computer.

The location and document Name fields should to fill automatically.

Click ~ above “Save/Publish’ in the right column.

To go back to the folder view, click “browser” in the left navigation.

Uploading PDFs

Watch uploading PDFs video

Ensure the your PDF has been saved in a manner that provides it accessible.

Use this source from Adobe: Create and verify PDF accessibility

Use this source from Microsoft: Create obtainable PDFs

Navigate to the folder where your PDFs are kept using the tree ~ above the left side of the page. This is commonly in the PDF or Docs folder.

Right click on the folder to disclose the menu.

Select new “Image or File”


When the pop-up home window loads, click on “select”

When the next screen loads, click on the “Browse” button and also find your PDF on your computer.

The location and file Name fields should fill automatically. You should edit the title to make sure it is accurate.

Click top top “Save/Publish’ in the best column.

Return to the folder view by clicking “browser” in the left navigation.

Editing navigating

Adding a folder to the left navigation menu

Locate the folder in CMS.

Right-click ~ above the folder, choose “Edit folder”

Select “Show ~ above menu.” include a kind Order number. The kind order determines where on the food selection the folder will appear, through 0 being first.

Click Save.

Adding a page to the left navigation food selection

Locate the web page in CMS.

Right-click ~ above the page, select “Page Properties”

Select “Lock for Editing” ~ above the best side that the screen.

Go come the “Advance Properties” tab.

Select the “Show on Menu” checkbox. Add a food selection Sort stimulate number (i.e. The menu sort stimulate determines where the web page will show up on the left hand navigation, through 0 being the very first listed). Make certain you watch to view what other pages are already on the left hand navigating menu and what they are numbered.

Click “Save/Publish” on the ideal side the the screen.

Publishing contents

Submitting content for testimonial

Follow these actions to submit content for review in DotCMS:

When you space finished make edits come your contents in WYSIWYG or CODE watch click the “save” switch in the upper right hand edge of the screen.Once the contents is saved click the “cancel” button beneath the save switch in the same menu of options.Once friend click the cancel button you will certainly be taken back to the totally rendered net page. Click “lock because that editing” and then click the “edit content” button on the web page to open up up the content for editing and enhancing again.Now that you have the content open up you must see the “send for review” switch in the upper ideal hand corner of the screen. Click the “send because that review” switch to submit your edits for review.

Sharing unpublished contents

Once friend have produced content in DotCMS you might want to share that contents with one more user there is no submitting the contents for review and publishing the content. Please usage this technique to re-publishing unpublished content in DotCMS:

Open Firefox and also sign right into DotCMS.

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Open up the web page that you intended to share.Right click the web page and also select This structure > Open structure in new Tab.In the URL deal with Bar you must see a Grey symbol that has three dots. Click the grey icon and select “Take a Screenshot.”Click and drag to select the whole page in ~ the white box.Click “Download.”

The end an outcome should be a screenshot that looks choose this: