A vasectomy doesn’t prevent the manufacturing of sperm – it stops sperm native being consisted of in the semen you ejaculate. For this reason what happens to the sperm that’s still being produced?

Whether you recognize it or not, her testicles room a sperm factory collection up to produce sperm throughout her life time.

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A male testicles are full of tiny coiled tube (called seminiferous tubules) that no only develop sperm but aid move it through your system. Inside the tubes room sperm nurse cell which manage sperm stem cells. Sounds pretty crowded down there, right?

The tubes space surrounded by testosterone-producing cells that stimulate sperm breakthrough by impacting the nurse cells, i beg your pardon in turn regulate the sperm stem cells. The sperm factoryproduces sperm cell on a scheduleto make sure manufacturing will last a lifetime.

It takes about 70 work for your sperm to be developed and ready because that action. However that’s what we’re make the efforts to protect against – not the action, yet the result from it.

Once the sperm is developed, it demands some help to have the ability to make the large swim to the egg. Before it passes into the tube (vas deferens) that bring it come the ejaculation point, that goes with a duct the adds proteins to improve it’s performance. Now it’s ready to go.

A vasectomy stop the sperm cell in the tracks. (See the before & after images below.) Vasectomy block the vas deferens which provides it impossible for the sperm to take trip to the urethra. That’s whereby it mixes with seminal fluid and also gets ejaculated during orgasm.

The best component of vasectomy is the you still gain the orgasm, just without the risk of a pregnancy.

But if the body keeps producing sperm, where it does the go once the tubes room cut?


While her sperm is maturing, that stored in a tightly coiled pipe – precise 15 to 18 feet long – called the epididymis. This is whereby sperm is transferred to the vas deferens and also heads off to do it’s part in fertilizing an egg.

Once you have a vasectomy, the sperm deserve to no longer move the end of the tube. The membrane (lining) the the epididymis absorbs most of the sperm where it dissolves. It’s a natural part of the body process.

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Most every guy goes with times as soon as sex is less easily accessible or orgasm is harder come achieve. Your body is creating sperm throughout those time too. For this reason sperm manufacturing doesn’t really reason a problem.