Remember once Shai blew up the music scene ago in the day? Everybody and their Mommas was singing “If I ever before Fall In Love!” Then just like that, we never heard from them again. Well we’ve recently found out what’s been going on through these cats.

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There are just two that the 4 original members remaining, Garfield A. Bright and Darnell van Rensalier, along with two brand-new members. Garfield is most likely one the the most recognizable deals with of Shai and he has now included a new title to his surname – he is a teacher in ~ Georgia State University and has to be so for fairly a couple of years now. That hasn’t provided up his to sing career by much though.

Garfield A. Glowing of Shai

He quiet performs with Shai, however most that his time is spent educating young adults, while also studying to knife his doctor in educational Policies. Ain’t the something?

That isn’t his an initial teaching gig, Garfield likewise spent 2 years (2008-2010) as a high school Geography/History teacher in Lawndale, Cali and he to be a co-teacher that The politics Of i know well Hop at California State university at Northridge in 2007.

He earned his Masters level in african American research studies at Georgia State in 2012 and last year he headed a regime at there dubbed I.C.M.E. (I develop My Experience) that concentrated on helping Black and Latino males, periods 16-24, understand cultural awareness, digital/media literacy, and helping lock counter an unfavorable images of men of shade in the media.

Check the end an interview that Garlfield speak on his enthusiasm for teaching. Fast forward to the 1:18 mark.

As you can see, Garfield has been doing his part to do a difference in the lives of young people and also we pointer our cap to the guy for that. Don’t get it twisted though, he and also original member, Darnell (pictured listed below left) space still performing together Shai and have included two much more members- Dwayne Jones and George Spencer III- to the group.

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Shai- Darnell valve Rensalier (left) and also Garfield bright (right)

Darnell explained why the various other two members left after recording the last Shai album in 1996. 1996. He wanted not to surname names, but here’s what he said:

“One dude assumed he would certainly be the man. He allowed the industry to come in between us. … Those world don’t really have actually the talent, that’s why they do that. It’s almost like a manual; it’s the very same story. Every team has one man who’s that.”

A new Shai album is supposedly in the functions and we’ll be on the lookout for that.


So there you have actually it people. That ain’t over for Shai and we’re glad because today’s music sector desperately needs much more artists favor them. As a issue of fact, where are the R&B groups of today’s younger generation? Can’t speak I’ve watched a new one in the critical decade. Have you? This additional confirms why us desperately need teams like Shai in the music game…because, well, every track on the radio doesn’t have to be about poppin’ bottles and also twerkin.’