If you’re struggling to catch a Bagon in Pokemon Go, we’ve placed together a handy overview to do the procedure easier for you, including where come look and also the finest counters come use.

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There space plenty of factors trainers desire to acquire their hand on Bagon right now. While the game celebrates Hoenn with a special event, you’ll need the Dragon-type Pokemon to finish the region’s collection Challenge.

Bagon first appeared in Gen 3 games Ruby & Sapphire and was quite daunting to monitor down. The only location you could capture one to be by visiting a certain room in Meteor Falls, and also you required the Surf capacity to get there.

Its appearances room thankfully a lot much more frequent in Pokemon Go, yet some trainers room still having difficulty finding one to complete their collection. Here’s the best way to obtain your hand on one.

Niantic / The Pokemon CompanyBagon is showing up in Raid battles as part of the Hoenn celebration event.

Best counters to loss Bagon

If you decide to go under the Raid fight route, you’ll must come all set to wear down Bagon before you’ll acquire the possibility to capture it. Fortunately, gift a one-star raid, that shouldn’t it is in too an overwhelming to loss by yourself.

Still, it’s an excellent to have a arrangement of activity in ar to make the procedure quicker and easier. The ideal counters because that Bagon are Fairy-type, Ice-type, and Dragon-type moves together these will certainly deal more damage as result of its kind weaknesses.

Some the the best Pokemon to lug into battle versus Bagon are other Dragon-types like Dragonite, Garchomp, Zekram, and also Reshiram; Ice-types choose Mamoswine, Weavile, or Glaceon; or Fairy-types prefer Gardevoir and Togekiss.

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Once you’ve got Bagon, you’ll need 25 liquid to evolve it into Shelgon, and 100 liquid to evolve it into Salamence, a Dragon/Flying-type Pokemon which is a pretty great addition to any trainer’s collection.