Is there any standard (or at least common) hierarchical arrangement for major divisions the a fiction book? for instance, I periodically see some big novels separated into "parts", and also sometimes I watch them separated into "books". Deserve to you have one within the other? Is there a typical order?

And what about a volume?



I don"t think over there is an official set of names, and worse, there room pieces that have actually conflicting meanings. A "Book" is used as the entirety story, together a volume or as a part. A "Part" is one of two people A publication in the series or A subsection within book.

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Let me try to placed it in order yet take right into account this is through no method ultimate or a law.

Series/Franchise/World/Saga. Over there is this world/universe/multiverse wherein stories take place. It"s self-contained and also doesn"t bind to any kind of other books. It"s no even limited to one author. Normally name is supplemented v the "Series/Saga/World of..."Part /Book. A self-contained story one of two people released alone or as a component of series. The primary unit, has its own title.Volume - a physics subdivision that a Book, a piece included within one binder (or one physics file.) that frequently corresponds with the part of the Book. Usually has a number, hardly ever a title.Part . It"s a significant subdivision frequently coinciding with volume, but not always. For example, mr of the ring is 3 volumes yet six parts plus appendices. It"s a major turn of events, resetting the mood and also pace and often v its own climax. It may or might not have a title.Chapter - ns think we had actually discussions that what comprises a thing here.

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Ns think it"s easiest to understand however hardest to put in words.Scene/Section - a item delimited through * * * or the likes, usually with a continually of time or location.Paragraph

Note over there is no commitment to naming especially within the Chapter/Volume/Part area: I"ve seen any kind of of them named "Book" ("Sir Thaddeus" is physically one book, one volume however it"s A Nobleman"s story from the years of 1811 and 1812 in Twelve Books the Verse, which room actually chapters. Six parts of mr of the ring are called "Books".) and it"s really frequent to do Volumes and also Parts coincide (and then frequently Parts are dubbed Volumes) but the Part-Volume relation may be totally uneven, a component split in between volumes or evil versa.