i m sorry of the following ideal describes the reasonable of the scientific method? a. If I create a testable hypothesis, tests and also observations will assistance it. B. If mine prediction is correct, it will cause a testable hypothesis. C. If my observations are accurate, castle will assistance my hypothesis. D. If my hypothesis is correct, I have the right to expect details test outcomes
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To far better illustrate the answer, permit us highlight every letter in the choices.

a. We room doing tests to recognize if the theory you make is valid. Yet tests may or may not assistance the hypothesis.

b. Predictions space made ~ the theory was made. 

c. Every little thing the accuracy level...

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To much better illustrate the answer, let us show every letter in the choices.

a. We room doing tests to identify if the hypothesis you make is valid. However tests might or may not support the hypothesis.

b. Predictions room made ~ the theory was made. 

c. Every little thing the accuracy level of her tests, it might or may not support your hypothesis. But the reason you execute the experiment is since you want precise results. Check should constantly be accurate by any kind of means.

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d. If you have actually a exactly hypothesis, results must be expected. (Correct answer)




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