Does oxygen and chlorine share comparable properties?

While both Oxygen and Chlorine are chemically-active, lock cannot form compounds with the inert gasses, when Fluorine is the many chemically-active of all the elements. Aspects grouped together on the routine table have comparable electron configurations and therefore comparable chemical properties and also reactivity.

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What room 2 facets that have similar properties come chlorine Cl?

What space two facets that have properties similar to those of chlorine? Fluorine and bromine have actually properties comparable to those the chlorine.

Which pair of facets has the most comparable chemical properties?

Which facet have the most comparable chemical properties?

Chemistry Tutoring Regents in NYC.Which two aspects have the most comparable chemical properties?(1) beryllium and also magnesium.(2) hydrogen and also helium.(3) phosphorus and also sulfur.Answer: The exactly answer 1: beryllium and also magnesium.

Which facet is in the same family members as chlorine Cl and fluorine F?

Group 7A — The Halogens. Group 7A (or VIIA) of the routine table are the halogens: fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At).

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What perform the aspects Cl and Br have actually in common?

Elements in the same team have similar properties since their electron configurations room similar. In particular they have the same variety of valence electrons, which space the in the outermost (highest energy) s and also p orbitals

What room the similarities in between fluorine and chlorine?

What makes Them Similar? as soon as you look at our explanation of the elements fluorine and also chlorine, girlfriend will watch that lock both have actually seven electrons in their external shell. The seven-electron trait uses to all of the halogens. They room all simply one electron shy the having full shells.

Which element is most chemically similar to chlorine?

The answer is that Bromine is the most chemically similar to chlorine the end of the options, due to the fact that Bromine and Chlorine room halogens. Halogens are a group of elements: Flourine (F), Chlorine (Cl), Bromine (Br), Iodine (I) and also Astatine (At). The facets of this family they every have similar chemical properties

Which is the most metallic in the oxygen family and also why?

Oxygen has, except for fluorine, the greatest electronegativity and electron affinity of any type of element; the values of these properties then decrease sharply for the staying members of the team to the degree that tellurium and polonium are related to as mostly metallic in nature, tending to lose rather than get …

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