The scriptures reads “But from the fruit of the tree i m sorry is in the center of the garden, God has actually said, "You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will certainly die. "" (Genesis 3:3, This excerpt is taken indigenous the production story the Adam and Eve. That is true the Adam and Eve were tempted through the serpent and then excommunicated indigenous the Garden that Eden. Lock were at some point forced to live in the mortal world and endure all of the pains and also brutalities that posses. This production story parallels with the myth of Pandora’s crate in Greek Mythology. Both stories exhibit the presence of great and evil and also how human error presented evil right into our world. The role of angry is illustrated through the legend of Pandora’s crate in Greek …show more content… Zeus was angry the Prometheus the trickster, took fire and also gave it come the mortals. When enraged, the every mighty sky God bespeak Hephaestus (the god the the forge) to make a girl named Pandora, who would bear every gifts. He obeyed Zeus’ orders and also crafted her out of clay, she was well-known as the first women come walk the earth. (Classical Mythology 94-95.) In Christianity night is known as the very first woman come walk the earth and also is well-known to it is in formed type the creation of man. Pandora exhibited the exact same amount the curiosity the Eve own in the Garden that Eden. She is well known for delivering a crate from the gods the is said to bear all of the malice of mankind. She is said to never open it. (Classical Mythology 94-95). Night is also told to never eat the forbidden fruit ~ above the tree of knowledge guarded by the malicious …show much more content… The evil serpent persuades eve to go against God’s wishes and eat the fruit. She is overwhelmed with curiosity, hunger, and temptation and also therefore, eats the fruit. God then banishes her and all humans for eternity. Likewise, Pandora is told by the Gods that it is forbidden to open up this spiritual box. She is a mortal and also therefore posse’s person error, she opens the box. That is said that all the malice of the world escape from this box and also enter the human being (Classical Mythology). Greek Myths and Greek Mythology defines this weakness of humans and how we are not equal to the gods due to the fact that we lack the perfection they posses. It says “Ancient Greeks offered this legend not just to instruct themselves around the weak of humans, but also to describe several misfortunes of the human being race”. ( This clarifies that human beings are no classified together perfect and also contain sin. Eve and also Pandora both make an error because they are mortals.

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This teaches united state that human’s make mistakes and also sometimes enable their an individual desires dictate their decisions. This decisions test the mortal’s ability to distinguish good and evil